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The Future of Mobile App Development: Top Trends To Rule in 2021

Technology is dramatically changing our way of life, and mobile applications have a particular impact on this. The mobile app development industry is at its pinnacle right now, and trailblazing apps play a significant role in its success. Each day the capabilities of these applications are growing leaps and bounds. 2021 will bring pioneering developments to the mobile app sector and transform the way we leverage these quintessential devices.

Like most other segments in tech, the mobile application industry gains momentum continuously. Such factors as consumer demand and the fast take-up of technology will directly impact mobile app trends.

Today, many businesses promote websites and their software for smartphones, allowing more targeted advertising by phone numbers, geodata, and other parameters. Here you can find out about the cost of creating an app.

With smartphones becoming quintessential as each day passes, we are yet to see the best of the mobile app industry.

Mobile App Market Estimations and Forecasts

The new researches from app store intelligence firm App Annie show that mobile app usage grew 40% year-over-year in the second quarter of 2020, even hitting an all-time high of over 200 billion hours during April. According to forecasts, by 2024, App Store user expenses will grow up to $115 billion, rising at a CAGR of 15.8%. While the global Google Play User expenses in 2019 reached $30 billion, by 2024, it will be $56 billion. The compound annual growth rate for Google Play is +13.2%.

Mobile App Trends: What To Expect in 2021?

The mobile app trends appear when the phone app market develops following the mobile ecosystem, competition, and conditions. The technology change is the basis of a mobile trend change, and such change refers to communication and usability methods that impact the way of using a mobile phone. For example, before the lockdown, people used to visit fitness clubs and now look for training apps like 8fit to arrange their workouts at home. People started using fewer local transport and often prefer taxi services. Thus, the trend changed and raised the fitness and taxi driving apps. In this article, we will look at the latest trends and statistics in the mobile app industry for 2021.

Internet of Things (IoT)

While the IoT is not a new concept, the growing mobile penetration across various industries has provided virtually unlimited opportunities for this technology. An excellent example of IoT integration in mobile app development is smart home technology. Users can adjust their house’s thermostats from remote locations or even connect household appliances like refrigerators to mobile apps through smart technology. If to be more accurate, mobile phones are the basis of other units of IoT like smartwatches, mirror screening, biometric devices, etc.

Internet of Behaviors (IoB)

The Internet of Behavior is an extension of the Internet of Things.

The purpose of which is trying to make sense of human behavior through data mining. Devices related to location, facial recognition, and more can essentially act as guides to mapping customer behavior. It will help companies be more flexible, which is very important in the current economic situation and the major changes caused by COVID-19. As organizations begin to collect large amounts of data and aggregate information from various sources and channels, online behavior will increasingly influence how companies interact with people.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI technologies provide the broadest possibilities: integrating speech recognition into the application, smart filters for a video camera, or automatic camera settings before taking a photo. Currently, the largest players in the IT market offer their assistants developed based on artificial intelligence. The possibilities for using AI are almost endless: you can even analyze the sound of industrial equipment through the phone to notice the signs of an impending breakdown in time. Sometimes the sound changes so subtly that a person cannot catch the differences, and the machine algorithm will easily detect them. Unsurprisingly, AI remains one of the most popular trends in the tech world.

Blockchain and decentralized applications

The creators and holders of cryptocurrencies mainly use blockchain technology, but it allows the development of any decentralized databases, regardless of purpose. It is the lack of centralization that makes them resistant to hacker attacks, fishing, and fraud. Furthermore, this technology can be used to make secure payments or protect network access. The blockchain is based on the generation of tokens used for authentication. Given the lack of centralization, unauthorized changes to the information recorded in the database become merely impossible.

AI Engineering

For those who have encountered difficulties in creating a room’s design and arranging furniture, augmented reality applications offered by some manufacturers will help solve this problem. Thanks to them, you can use the phone camera and display for virtual placement of a sofa or shelf in the room. This technology has a big difference from virtual reality since it only expands the possibilities of the surrounding world and does not create a new one. It has tremendous potential in various sectors of the economy, including the fashion and beauty industry, interior design, and utility provision.

5G technology

5G mobile technology is a new standard planned to replace the previous generation 4G / LTE. It provides the highest data transfer rate (up to 100 Gbps). Therefore, it will simplify the implementation of the Internet of Things. Developers of software for smartphones need to prepare in advance to scale the released applications with this technology in mind. Experts predict that next year, global 5G infrastructure costs will be $2.3 billion.

The Rise Of Hybrid Mobile Gaming Genres

2021 will be the year of hybrid mobile gaming genres. As gamers have much more leeway and mobile phones become more functional, providing more sophisticated entertainment previously only available to users on consoles or PCs. Hyper-casual games are in high demand: in the first half of 2020, 5 billion games in this genre were downloaded worldwide.

The average conversion rate for this genre is 3.34% for Android and 2.72% for iOS. These numbers surpass other popular genres such as action, adventure, and RPG.

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