The Latest Cleaning Equipment Technology

In this rapidly changing world, new businesses are being set up and industries are expanding. The need for specialist cleaning equipment technology is rapidly growing and with a high demand for companies to supply it. Whether you are an owner of an industrial, commercial, or running a private cleaning company, it is only natural that you are on the lookout for the newest and the latest cleaning equipment on the market. Every day there are new and innovative technologies brought to the market. Integrating new and improved cleaning technology into your cleaning business will allow you to increase worker productivity, reduce cleaning times, and lower overall costs. This post will discuss the latest advanced cleaning equipment technology that is available to date.

Clorox Total 360

Clorox Total 360 is an innovative and revolutionary electrostatic technology sprayer system that pairs with Clorox sanitisers and disinfectants solutions, delivering 360 coverage to the front, back, and sides of all hard surfaces and even those areas that are hard-to-reach. The patented power wrap nozzle provides superior coverage for exceptional protection against germs in a cost effective and efficient way. The unique electrostatic technology method involves spraying a liquid mist that is positively charged onto an object or surface. Most objects and surfaces will attract the positively charged mist particles as the objects and surfaces are negatively charged. The liquid will spread across the entire surface in an even manner. Clorox equipment is ideal for covering larger scaled areas these include public toilets, airports, day care centres, schools, offices, ambulances, hotels, laundry rooms, and correctional facilities. This type of specialist equipment can cover over 18,000 square feet per hour, works 75% faster, and uses 65% less solution which greatly improves work productivity. This unique sprayer system is very useful for every cleaning projects that would require cleaning staff to spend a lot of time cleaning small or tight spaces, crevices, or cracks. The mist dispersion allows the solution to coat all surfaces evenly. The Clorox sprayer along with the disinfectant cleaner solution can kill 99.9% of bacteria in 5 seconds.

Doodle Scrub by Square Scrub

The Doodle Scrub is a compact and small floor scrubbing machine available in battery powered or cord versions. The Doodle Scrub is ideal for reaching the difficult to reach spaces such as bathrooms, behind toilets, workstations, beneath bathroom partitions, and much more. The Doodle scrub weighs only 21 pounds and is ideal for compact cleaning jobs. Even though it is a lightweight and a small cleaning machine, it still produces exceptional results every time. In comparison to a conventional mop and bucket, the floor scrubber produces a more hygienic and quicker clean to your floors. This equipment will also help improve staff productivity. It can be difficult to restore stained and dirty grout which would require your staff members to work a lot more strenuous Labour and time on one cleaning procedure. The doodle scrub will enable your staff to restore grout in quicker time and a lot less effort. It is an extremely versatile machine that has become very popular in recent times. Aside from restoring grout and cleaning small floors, this machine can also be used to polish stones and strip floors where other scrubbers cannot reach. When you require better maneuverability and reach, the patented handle system offers 2 different ways to attach the handle to the base. Empower your cleaning products with this nifty and versatile cleaning machine.

Prochem Steempro Powerflow

Steempro powerflow is the perfect machine for extracting carpet soil used in both commercial and residential upholstery and carpet cleaning. The reliable and durable steempro powerflow machine incorporates a psi diaphragm pump and a high power 3-stage vacuum. The built-in silencer is whisper quiet but a very powerful machine. For continuous hot cleaning solution, use the heat n run in line heat exchanger, but this is optional. The machine is completed with a single jet glide master stainless steel wand and hoses. The intercooler and upright mounted motors give durability and long life. The carpet cleaning machine is easy to use, it opens easily to access internal components, and has top handle mounted switches. The machine also features an automatic shut off. Steempro machines have easy to fill large clean water tanks. The tank is easy and smooth to access through the large opening. The Prochem Steempro machines have large non-marking wheels that let you bump the machine safely up and down a stairs. Both switches for the pump and vacuum motor are located on top of the machine, making it easy to access so no bending is needed.

Nilfisk Liberty SC50

The Nilfisk Liberty is a revolutionary autonomous cleaning machine that takes autonomous cleaning to a new level. The Liberty SC50 is an autonomous floor scrubber machine for medium to large sized environments. It is the first independently certified and first-self mapping autonomous cleaning machine. The scrubber dryer machine is ideal for the biggest and toughest jobs in a wide range of sectors such as gyms, schools, offices, warehouses, hospitals, airports, and much more. The Nilfisk can be mapped out on a route suitable to you delivering between 98% and 99.5% coverage. Once the machine has cleaned one area, it will then precisely retrace the same path again and again. The safety system is separate from the path planning and mapping systems. It will create a safety zone around itself using an array of 2D, and 3D depth and infrared sensors. The Liberty SC50 also comes with a tracking system that will notify the facility manager of the system status. The system status updates generally include notifying that the cleaning procedure is complete or if the machine has run into any issues along the way. On a single charge, the autonomous machine can work for up to 6 hours continuously. A robotic cleaning machine working alongside staff will increase worker productivity and improve the thoroughness and consistency of cleaning procedures.

Ice Fogging Machine

Fogging machines are ideally used for attacking airborne pathogens when used with the appropriate chemicals it will begin to attack the bacteria and viruses on every surface. With the aerosol effect, this means you can cover a large area extremely quickly. Fogging machines are perfect for sterilizing, anti-virus, disinfection, epidemic prevention, disease prevention, in every type of working and home environment which includes hotels, schools, healthcare facilities, hospitals, warehouses, retail, and much more. The fogger can be used for both residual and space spray due to the widespread and strong penetration, with uniform and adjustable droplets aerosol. The body of the unit can hold a constant temperature and is shockproof. The scale of the translucent tank and solution tank cover is easy for you to mix a chemical solution in a precise manner. The fogging machine creates a very low noise level due to the motor system being enclosed. The adjustable chemical delivery system and unique frequency conversion motor will help reduce chemical consumption.

New technology is consistently being developed annually to simplify cleaning methods and increase worker productivity. It is important to invest in some of the latest cleaning equipment to enjoy all the major benefits and save you money in the long term. Staff members can complete more work in a day and perform the tasks more easily, allowing you to recoup your initial investment from greater productivity and labour savings.

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