The Latest Tech & Equipment Used to Tarmac Driveways

The work involved with tarmac driveways hasn’t changed much over the past few decades and does involve using very specialised equipment and technology. To improve quality and productivity, the best technology is required. It creates greater efficiencies, transforms operations, and has real effects on each stage of the operational chain. Technology is shaping the paving industry future, from 3D paving control technology to telematics, thermal mapping, intelligent compaction, and process monitoring systems. All of these will contribute to getting the job completed in a safer, faster, and smarter way. With new machines and equipment coming to the market, it will take tarmac to a new level. We recommend Tarmac Driveways by Driveway Paving as they are well renowned for their superior work while using the latest technology. Here is our guide on the latest tech and equipment used to tarmac driveways.

What is Tarmac?

Tarmac, commonly known as tarmacadam is a trademarked road surfacing made up of aggregate or crushed stone which is coated and mixed with tar. Tarmac is a popular driveway all across Europe and North America. It is widely used on public roads and airport runways. It is a black material held together by a viscous substance. Tarmac and asphalt are very similar in appearance but do have different chemical compounds. Tarmac is widely considered as a cheaper road surfacing material to use as if you need to cover a larger area you can achieve economies of scale. With tarmac, you require specific equipment and machinery, and it can be time consuming. Tarmac is low maintenance and convenient road surfacing. Once it is laid and installed there is no extra costs. It is durable, flexible, and strong. This will ensure no wearing, cracking, or breaking after a short period of time.

The benefits of Tarmac 

Tarmac is made by mixing and heating the materials together and then transporting and pouring the bituminous hot liquid onto a surface like a road. The mixture is then leveled off and compacted to creating a strong, smooth, and pavement surface. Once the material has been laid, it needs time to cool down for several hours before it can be driven on. Here are some of the main benefits of tarmac.

  • It is cost saving

Smoother roads will help bring the costs down. A smoother surface can reduce the wear and tear on vehicles and will reduce the costs for operating vehicles also. Increasing the smoothness of the roads by 25% will extend the lifespan of the road significantly by 10%.

  • Durable and long lasting

Tarmac is a strong and durable road surfacing material and is very resistant to heavy vehicles which is why it is very commonly used for roads and home driveways. If you have several cars driving into your family home, you are going to need a strong material like tarmac that won’t crack or get damaged under the pressure. Tarmac is a long lasting and a strong material so it to can withstand any type of weather both hot and cold. Due to the smooth surface, the tarmac will have no cracks that will need be filled if it rains.

  • Tarmac is quick and easy to install

Compared to other materials, tarmac is easy to install as it dries quickly. If you want a plain driveway that looks the part and lasts a long time, then tarmac is for you. Tarmac can be laid onto any surface, which cannot be done with many other materials.

  • Very easy to maintain

If your tarmac has become dented or worn out, then it will be easy to maintain and repair the surface. Hire a driveway specialist who can quickly add another layer of tarmac to your driveway. There would be no need to install an entirely new tarmac as there can be repairs made.

  • Environmentally friendly and energy efficiency

As above states, tarmac on the roads is extremely smooth therefore this helps reduces the friction between the car tires driving over the surface and the surface itself. This in turn reduces vehicle fuel consumption and lowers the carbon emissions. Tarmac roads are more eco-friendly and energy efficient. Hundreds of millions of Tonnes of tarmac are recycled every year in first world countries. It is a very environmentally friendly product.

  • It is a safe material

The material used for making tarmac creates a smooth surface making it easy to drive on. The smoothness of the road surface allows the car tires to have greater contact with the surface and makes it a safer experience to drive on.

  • Less traffic issues

Tarmac is generally constructed 1 lane at a time. The whole road will not need to be closed off which helps keep the traffic congestion free and the road clear for people who may need to travel.

Equipment and tech for tarmac driveways 

  • Thermal Imaging 

Thermal imaging uses an infrared bar that must be hung just behind the screed on the back of the paver. The infrared sensors are used to monitor the temperature of the pavement. Those sensors provide real time temperature information and allows the system to save the data for later analysis. The number of sensors varies to match the paving width.

  • Thermal Mapping

Thermal mapping monitors the surface temperatures of the tarmac using a global navigation satellite system and an infrared camera. Your road durability and safety can be impacted if the paving temperatures are wrong leading to bad result long term. Thermal mapping technology is always improving and can help build longer lasting and more durable roads that can handle high traffic volumes and heavy loads.

  • Rollers and Compactors

There are several equipment and machines available to hire on the market some of these include the pneumatic tire roller, the steel wheeled roller, and the paver screed. The compactors apply weight to the surface and compresses the material under the ground area. Equipment at a lower speed will produce more compaction. The more weight the more compaction there will be.

  • Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are required for moving the hot tarmacadam to the job-site. There are several dump truck machines these include:

  • End dump

End dump trucks are the most popular vehicle as they are versatile, maneuverable, and plentiful. The front end of the truck is raised allowing the payload to slide out the bottom and back through the tailgate.

  • Material transfer vehicles

The vehicle is used for assisting the paver in accepting the hot mixed tarmac.

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