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The most successful telehealth apps, and how to build your own?

Sometimes you need to see a doctor, but you can’t find the time to make it happen, or you might be in a location where you can’t access any medical support. Depending on the question, telemedicine can be the remedy or at least an alternative approach for non-emergency concerns. Thanks to Internet expansion and the popularity of smartphones and tablets, many healthcare providers can remotely efficiently manage patients in a procedure known as telemedicine.

While telemedicine can not fully replace face-to-face medical care, it does make access to healthcare more accessible and cheaper, particularly for items such as basic emergencies and prescriptions. You will access online medical care from a specialist via telemedicine apps without stepping a foot in their office. More about the telemedicine app development processes and costs you can find in the article of Riseapps by the link below.

How Telemedicine App Works?

Telemedicine applications link patients via video chat with doctors who provide consultation. Of course, doctors’ choice depends on you; there are many doctors available on these platforms. Telemedicine applications also offer support in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, cholesterol, or addiction. The applications even deliver your prescriptions to designated hospitals, so you can easily pick up your medications.

Most successful telemedicine apps

Doctor on Demand

This is one of the most famous online doctor’s consultation applications that support healthcare wherever you are. They have a qualified team of licensed doctors and therapists available. The app is available on smartphones and computers. The patient describes their symptoms, then discusses their medical condition, gets connected to a doctor, and finally obtains the medications needed. The service price is slightly higher relative to most comparable services that are offered by many insurance agencies— no need to keep sitting in waiting rooms, easy access to physicians on pre-defined schedules of time.


The dialog is one of the best telemedicine apps used popularly by businesses in the workplace. Employees are protected by the wellness package that requires daily video calls with physicians and nurses from all medical professions. If the doctors by video chat can’t cure your ailment, you might be referred to specialists.

The dialog also facilitates prescription renewals and distribution of medications giving discounts on medicines. Both doctor-patient contacts, drugs, and diagnostic records are saved in the app to prevent scratching your head, recalling the medicine’s name.


For medical problems such as fever, diarrhea, cough, ear infections, sinusitis, conjunctivitis, and more, Amwell is a fast and convenient way to see doctors. You will have around the clock care for doctors who are licensed to respond to critical needs. Psychiatry and rehabilitation programs are also available at a fixed charge.


Babylon strives to make health insurance as comfortable as your smartphone’s booking a taxi. You can have access to doctors and clinicians 24/7. The device will ask you questions and will determine signs and risk factors based on Artificial intelligence. You will be led to appropriate doctors or medical providers after the screening. Babylon blends computing technologies with medical expertise.


MDLive is a popular telemedicine application that arranges a virtual doctor’s visit at your convenience. It’s making healthcare easy, comfortable, and fast. The key benefits of MDLive are inexpensive and high-quality treatment, revolutionizing remote healthcare, 15 + years of experienced physicians, safe access to info, and communicating with nearby pharmacy stores. You can connect with doctors and access health therapy and psychiatry services whenever you require them. MDLIVE provides fast, simple, reliable access to a doctor when the doctor is not accessible for non-emergency problems.

How can you build a telemedicine app?

If you are a healthcare worker and don’t know about app development, you can hire telemedicine app developers to build an app for you. The development process for the Telemedicine software includes:

Market analysis- This is a necessary part of creating an application. Telemedicine’s proposal would rely on one or more industry players such as hospital providers, government service departments, consumers, healthcare practitioners, healthcare institutions, etc.

Preparation of the app architecture– This is developed by the System Engineer based on the received project specifications and market objectives.

UX / UI design– User interface, layout, and configuration is generated based on a product backlog and telemedicine user feature specification.

Project management-The Project Manager manages and organizes the entire project during all stages of telemedicine system development.

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