The Role of Mobile Technology in the iGaming Industry

Nowadays, everybody seems to have a smartphone and do many things with it. Many can swear that they heavily rely on their mobile devices when it comes to doing their businesses and even enjoying entertainment.

Last year, an estimate of 4.68 billion people already has mobile devices and it is expected that the number of mobile users will surpass 5 billion by the end of this year. It appears that over half of the world’s population owns a mobile device.

This is why many businesses and even the best online casinos USA are involving themselves with its growth. This basically means that implementing mobile technology in other industries would reach over half of the world’s population. It’s simply the best way to advertise and deliver services.

The future of technology is really mobile and this means the same for many businesses and industries. The iGaming industry is no exception. This is greatly benefiting from the growth of the mobile industry, and thanks to the continuous development of mobile devices or smartphones, more and more people are becoming content with mobile gaming and gambling.

Definitely, the iGaming industry has come a long way. It’s just really a huge business that continues to adapt to new technologies. However, many key players in this business are more focused on reaching the mobile community.

If you’ll notice, almost every website comes in the form of an app and online casinos are doing the same. Even online casino software providers already create games that are compatible with mobile devices because there is a big market for it.

According to statistics, in countries where gambling players are prominent like in the US, UK, and Australia, 37 percent of online gamblers play casino games on mobile devices. The most commonly played casino games by these people are blackjack, poker, bingo, roulette, and baccarat.

Now, mobile gambling didn’t really start through the use of apps that can be purchased on either Google Play or Apple’s App Store. This mainly started with online casinos that made their games compatible with mobile browsers.

During this time, it was already exciting for many people to be able to play real money casino games at the comfort of their homes using their computers, desktops, or laptops. However, when online casinos began to allow them to play their favorite games on mobile browsers, it got more exciting and convenient for many.

Playing with their smartphones or tablets made gambling easier for many people. People can basically play their favorite casino games wherever they are. This is surely convenient for people who’d like to kill the time as they travel or who’d like to enjoy a quick game during lunchtime.

Now, online and mobile gambling isn’t exactly legal worldwide. In the United States, only a few states allow mobile and online gambling. Take for example how sports betting is doing in the country. States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York now allows the local operations of sports betting.

However, in New York, mobile betting is still not allowed. This means that New Yorkers have to travel to licensed casinos and sportsbooks to be able to place their bets. Of course, not a lot are happy about it and it’s probably the reason why sports betting is off to a slow start in this state.

However, thanks to mobile devices. New Yorkers can just place their online bets in the nearest state that allows mobile betting. New Jersey is now the go-to for New York punters. They find it easier to place their bets in New Jersey instead of traveling upstate where the licensed land casinos are because they can just hop on the train and get off in the areas of New Jersey to place their bets.

For people traveling internationally, it’s also easier for them to gamble nowadays. The use of cryptocurrencies makes transactions easier for them. It’s the best mode of payment for people who are avoiding the long processes that banks have for international transactions. Crypto wallets can be accessed on mobile browsers and downloadable apps.

That’s basically how helpful mobile devices can be for many. Aside from smartphones, software developers are also looking at other mobile devices like smartwatches. There is also a rise in terms of the number of smartwatch users.

Most smartwatches nowadays basically function as smartphones, but with a smaller screen. Some of these watches come with browsers where players can access online casinos. It will just not be surprising if developers eventually release online casino games that are specifically made for smartwatches.

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