The Secrets Behind a Live Casino

Live casino is known to many as the most advanced way to play traditional casino games without the need to leave home. It provides authentic feels in a virtual world. Its industry has grown exponentially over the years. But, not much is known about the secrets this online gambling platform is made of.

One may have visited so many live dealer casino sites on the internet yet never fully explored the splendor and authentic experience it can give. That is why we have gathered several pieces of information to deeply understand the world behind live casinos.

Live-Stream Technology

The experience brought about by live casino online depends on a live-stream technology called Optical Camera Recognition (OCR). This technology accounts for a detailed representation of every event that will transpire in a room. It enables a player to stream live dealer casino rooms by clicking a link that is connected to the online casino platform.

The OCR makes it easier to transport crucial information that is beneficial for every player and dealer. Since it allows the detailed documentation of all events, the spinning of the reels, drawing of cards and every small detail about the game, it ensures honest game processes.

4 Crucial Live Casino Essentials

Four fundamental things make up an online casino. These things must be of good quality as it plays a significant role in bolstering the live dealer casino experience.

  • · Game Control Unit – if the OCR is the system that enables the recording of every single detail in a gaming room, the GCU is the device that is responsible for the electronic encoding of the video of the game. It is one of the most important devices that a live dealer should have.
  • · Live Dealer Casino Wheels – sometimes, like in a roulette game, a virtual wheel is used. However, in some cases, a real wheel is used as well. Live dealer casino wheels are powered by configuration system. They also have built-in sensors that enable the online casino platform to interlink with them.
  • · Monitor – the need for a good quality of the monitor is evident in live gambling. With monitors, the processes of the game are recorded in detail and players can assure they are not taken advantage of.


The need for monitors is also extremely crucial when talking about communication. Since live dealers and players are allowed to communicate with each other, especially when problems arise, it paves the way to the prompt creation of solutions and establishes representation of the game processes.

  • · Camera – The live casino experience is contingent upon the quality of a player’s camera. If the streaming is bad, who would love to continue playing a live dealer casino game, right?

The latest development in technologies, specifically, the creation of OCR gives way to the better representation of live videos. Because of this, players and dealers can get a clear view of the table used, the wheels, and everything essential to the game. It is needless to say that cameras are the basic requirement for a better experience in an online casino game.

Processes Behind a Live Casino

There are at least three rooms in a live casino. The first one is composed of a live studio, while the second one is composed of a software room. The third room, which is optional and may differ from one casino to another is the analyst room. Contingent upon the chosen platform of a player, live dealer casino games can also be experienced through a mobile phone or even the casino’s television channel.

The concept of live casino is easy to understand. In front of the medium that a player has chosen– whether a mobile phone or a computer – there is a live dealer. This live dealer is not a virtual dealer but a real dealer in a virtual platform.

Every live dealer casino platform is powered by specific software. This software generates the game results and accounts for the monetary values players have deposited and will withdraw.

The good thing about a live casino is that like traditional casinos, players can communicate through the live dealer. Each game, for instance in live roulette or live blackjack, is run by a live chat system. Note that live dealers only respond to relevant inquiries related to the game like house rules, specific issues, and concerns.

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