The Strength of Twitter: Why It Is Crucial to Have Many Followers


Twitter is a sometimes controversial platform. When you hear about a celebrity getting themselves in trouble, it’s often because they said something on Twitter that they shouldn’t have, and now there’s backlash from it.

There’s a lesson that you can take from that, though, if you’re a would-be influencer or a business entity. The lesson is that this is a platform that can shape your fortunes very quickly.

If you are active on Twitter, and people like what you have to say, then that positive buzz can be what it takes to propel your business to the next level. This is a social media platform that can:

  • Help you sell products
  • Convey to your customers and would-be customers what your brand is all about
  • Allow you to reach out to your followers and the public in a very personal and meaningful way

It’s undeniable what Twitter can do if you only harness its power and utilize it correctly. However, to do so, you’re going to need to have plenty of followers.

Positive Social Media Metrics

Where social media is concerned, success is directly tied to positive metrics. Those metrics vary depending on what platform you’re using.

For instance, if you’re on YouTube, you’re looking for video watches, likes, and comments. For Instagram, you’re looking at engagement rate, branded or trending hashtags, and consistent follower growth.

On Twitter, the metrics that matter the most are:

  • Average tweet performance
  • Video completion rate
  • Number of followers

If you do not have tons of followers on Twitter, even after you have been active on the platform for a while, then that sends a negative impression, for multiple reasons. The first problem with it is that it indicates to platform users that stumble across your feed that your brand is “cold.”

This is a different way of saying that the content you’re putting out is not interesting. You’re saying things, most likely within the context of your niche, that are not grabbing anyone’s attention. It’s bad to be too controversial on Twitter, but it’s also the kiss of death if you’re boring.

People want to be entertained on Twitter. They want well-crafted tweets that grab their attention and hold it. Tweets should say just as much about the company or individual putting out the content as they do about the world at large.

When Your Follower Count Grows, So Does Respect for Your Brand

If a lack of followers means your brand is passe, the opposite, a rapidly-growing follower count, means that people are jumping on the bandwagon. They like the content that you’re putting out there in the world. In fact, they’re so enthusiastic about it that they’re following you because going forward, they don’t want to miss a word.

This would be one of the more compelling reasons that follower count matters so much. Because of this, some companies actually sell you followers. With cheap prices on such services, buying followers is something that many Twitter users do.

It makes sense to use this marketing strategy, because, provided the follower count you’re buying is all real and active accounts, the platform can’t tell the difference. Other Twitter users don’t know, either.

When they see that your numbers are going up, it doesn’t matter that they’re artificially inflated. Those who are interested in your niche are going to take a look at what you have to say, and some of them will start following you as well.


People start using Twitter for different reasons. There are some individuals who use it that don’t have marketing goals. They just want a platform through which they can shout their opinions to the rooftops. They might want to talk about things like politics or the latest album from their favorite artist.

Let’s assume for a moment, though, that you’re on Twitter for your business goals. You have a company website with products for sale on it, and you want people to find that site to buy your products and services. You feel like you can use Twitter as a way to lure people there.

The reality is that’s often how it works. The more engagement you’re getting on social media, the more people are aware of you. The more individuals who are aware of your company and your name, the more famous you’re becoming.

Ultimately, that’s what leads to sales. Perhaps you started by buying some engagement on Twitter from one of these sites that offers it. From there, you started building an organic following because platform users saw your numbers going up.

These real followers might go along with you for a little while. If they like your tweets enough, they’ll decide that they want to look at your other social media profiles and website.

As any marketing coach will tell you, that’s when you have them. The more individuals you can entice to come to your website, the more you have inside your sales funnel. Some of them will convert, meaning they will buy from you.

It’s in this way that your Twitter following turns into sales. You’ve gone from something that seems intangible, like followers, to something real, which is money in your pocket.

You Can Tell Your Followers About Flash Sales

If you’re a business entity and are active on Twitter, then people have no illusions about why they’re following you. They like your products and services, and perhaps they like your brand’s style as well. This appreciation is reinforced by the things you say on Twitter, of which your followers approve.

If you’re going to use your Twitter feed for straightforward marketing, there is nothing wrong with that. For instance, you can use it to tell your followers about flash sales or seasonal promotions you’re having.

Sometimes, Twitter users get too bogged down in trying to make their tweets topical. That’s one strategy that you can use to try and get some attention for yourself, but sometimes the simplest approach works best.

If you’re sending out tweets saying that you’re having a flash sale that day, then it’s only logical that if you have more followers, news of your promotion is reaching more people. They might even tell their friends who aren’t following you yet. Again, it means more sales for you.

You Can Establish What Your Company Values

One more reason that it’s a good thing to have as many followers as possible is that you can send out tweets about subjects that matter to your company. People like to follow and support brands that feel the same way they do.

For example, if you’re a hair care company and send out tweets supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, you’re letting your followers know that you’re taking a stand on one side of that particular issue.

The more followers you’ve collected, the more people you’re telling that these are your values, and this is what your company and brand are all about. They’ll support you more fervently if they know that your values align with theirs. They’ll likely tell your friends to support you as well.

Twitter followers are something that you need if you’re going to find this platform worthwhile. Without them, every time you send out a tweet, it is the equivalent of shouting into a vacuum.

You probably take a lot of time crafting each tweet to make sure that it is pitch-perfect. If you don’t have the following you want, then all that time and energy is being wasted.

It’s mainly for these reasons that you need to try to build your Twitter following however it’s possible for you to do so. The more people you have hanging on your every word via this platform, the more sales you’ll get, and the more influence your company and brand will have.

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