The ultimate guide of the best health care gadgets 2020

Modern technology has truly revolutionized various aspects of our lives including our healthcare system. The latest trends in technology in communication and software have changed the healthcare landscape.

Wireless health, mobile, telehealth, and Electronic medical records have become the merging trends in our healthcare system as patients and consumers demand a higher quality of life.

Digital apps and gadgets are the new norms when it comes to medical prescriptions and consumers demand immediate services. According to research carried out by Statista, the digital healthcare system will surpass the $206 billion mark.

A lot of millennials are a huge market for personal healthcare gadgets, currently, on the market their different types and brands of healthcare gadgets making it a little bit tough to decide which is the best fit for you.

Well, for this post we have compiled the top healthcare gadgets that will cater to all of your individual needs and preference. So, let’s get to it!

1. Medical alert system

Every year, thousands of people globally lose their lives due to limited access or emergency and healthcare services. Well, that just goes to show how life can be so delicate, the elderly and disabled are the ones who are more at risk.

The medical alert system is truly a game changer, in case you are in medical distress with just a simple push and touch of a button, the emergency services will be contacted connecting you to trained paramedic or personnel who will contact a close family member or friend to attend to the patient in distress.

The alert system can be worn as a pendant, belt clip, or watch allowing for easy access especially in cases of medical emergencies.

2. Emotiv Insight

The 21st-century living is fast-paced which eventually leads to stress and in some serious cases depression. Aside from stress, another vital factor is productivity and this can be negatively impacted when we become slow.

A new healthcare technology that can assist us to tackle the two is Emotiv Insight, the wearable gadget is tailor-made to monitor our brain waves and produce electroencephalograms which can, in turn, be manipulated to create essential information that will be used to manage our stress levels, enhance our focus and boost our motivation or even enable us to lighten up a little.

Determining the time of the day which we at our best can help us improve our cognitive abilities. What even more impressive is the fact that the device is compatible with IOS and Android devices.

CNC machining services have become crucial in manufacturing health gadgets such as Emotiv Insight making production economical and cost-effective thus reducing the cost incurred by the consumer making them cheap and affordable.

3. Darma Pro

Eating junk food, smoking, and sitting down for long hours is the new norm for most millennials. However, this can be a health hazard by causing backaches and bad posture.

There is a wide variety of health apps that notifies us to stroll a bit of stretch but they aren’t very effective and most of us will delete them anyway. But, Darma Pro is a bit different from the rest; it’s not only an app but a smart cushion that provides instant notifications whenever you slouch or have a bad sitting posture.

The gadget is made of ventilated weather and sends notifications to your mobile device whenever you have bad posture. It will also send vibrations throughout the day regarding your sitting position and posture.

Its batteries can last for an average of 15 days, during purchase it comes with a charging cable and a USB socket. The smart cushion works well with an average weight of 90 to 260 lbs.

4. AliveCor KardiaMobile EKG Monitor

In the U.S alone over 300,000 people died from Coronary heart disease, a lot of these fatalities could have been prevented with electrocardiogram readings and medical check-ups.

Well, that’s where AliveCor KardiaMobile comes in, it’s a medical device that will monitor your heart’s status with a simple electrocardiogram test.

All you need to do is place your hands on the dual sensors which don’t come with any wires, the small sensors can also be attached on the back of your mobile device for convenience and improved patient experience.

The app will trace your heartbeat and create an electrocardiogram graph in 30 seconds, the report can also be printed for further doctor’s analysis.


The healthcare system is slowly changing by the day becoming more efficient and effective, the health app and gadget market are expanding by the day due to the ever-changing trends in technology.

Tens if not hundreds are hitting the market yearly but its important noting that these devices are not similar. The devices we have talked about are packed with features that will help you improve your health as well as general well-being.


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