The Writing Assignment. How to Compose an Academic Paper Successfully?

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How to Start Writing an Assignment and Get an Excellent Grade? 8 Essential Steps

One of the goals of college and university education is to teach a student to think independently and develop scientific skills. Therefore, each course (in some universities, the exception is given to freshmen) is enriched with lots of assignments.

Are you sure that you know how to make a writing assignment correctly? In this article, we will give you a clear manual on how to write an assignment paper that claims to be “excellent”!

  1. Preparatory Phase

It is with this step that the assignment begins. Try to choose the most loyal professor to be the supervisor. Each teacher has a different set of interests that can influence your future results a lot. Secondly, the instructors differ in their character and level. In case your professor doesn’t like you, it is almost impossible to write a paper on excellent grade even if you follow all his/her ‘how to assign a writing assignment’ requirements.

  1. Choosing a Topic

The choice is not always given to the student, but there is something to do. First, as we have already said, you need to choose the right supervisor – from those teachers whose course topics are closest to you. Then you should discuss with your teacher the range of topics that you can choose for the course.

If you arrive at the beginning of the academic year (or at least at the beginning of the second semester) and demonstrate your genuine interest, relevance, and brains, the normal course teacher will consider several variations with you.

It is better to take a few topics and time out for a week from the teacher – to analyze the information and think about which is easier, more complicated, more interesting. At least in order not to be tormented by the question: “How to make a writing assignment on this crazy topic?”‘.

  1. The General Information Study

Encyclopedias, guides, dictionaries, online review articles (or at least Wikipedia) will give you an overview of what the coursework is about. Do not ignore this step, or it will be difficult to make a clear plan. But you shouldn’t get up to speed yet – perhaps the instructor will correct your plan, ask you to focus on some issues, and omit others.

  1. Formulating a Plan

When you get a general idea of the topic of your assignment. Specifically, there should be two plans: a brief plan and a paragraph point plan. First, make a short plan on the paper and discuss it with your tutor.

Then write the plan in the thesis: for each paragraph, by paragraph, or at least by sentence: what you are going to write about, what question you will disclose. And again – show it to your academic teacher. It is better to rewrite the plan five times than to rewrite the whole paper at once!

  1. Making a List of Literature

Most educators tell you the main things you should rely on when writing assignments. How to get the books recommended by your professor? You should ask it, but always remember, it is not enough to follow only the list of professor’s recommendations. It is the student’s job to find the right literature.

The list of textbooks and encyclopedias will not work (although you can also specify them); the list should include research – articles in scientific journals and collections, monographs.

  1. Searching for the Sources

Not all faculties require this item, but some do. For example, historians use chronicles, memoirs, special diplomatic documents, archival materials as sources. Lawyers operate with sources of law – laws, decrees, constitutions, materials of judicial practice. Philologists – with fiction texts. Do not confuse sources with literature! They are singled out separately for the assignment.

  1. Making Calculations, Tables, Schemes, and Drawings

Be sure to clarify this question at the first consultation. Not all faculties have this requirement, but if they do, then this part is usually the most important. And it also can be the most problematic part.

Especially many problems arise when writing the practical part of the assignment on psychology, jurisprudence, economics, management. The practical part should be written on the basis of experiments, surveys, or practice at a particular enterprise. So, as you see, it is difficult to carry out the necessary activities in one day.

  1. Noting the Special Requirements of Your Institution, Professor, and Faculty

Each faculty has its own writing regalements. Be sure to find out if your supervisor has any special requirements for writing assignments. How to manage all this by yourself? Try to avoid the most common mistakes provided below.

What Are the Most Frequent Mistakes Students Make When Writing an Assignment?

  • The footnotes. You shouldn’t leave the footnote procedure to the last moment – you can get confused, and a lot of time will be spent. It’s better to put footnotes at once: take a piece of text from a book or an article – put a footnote.
  • The uniqueness of the text. Thanks to the Internet finding information for academic writing has become easier. It is also easy to get problems with plagiarism nowadays. Most teachers now require work not only in print but also in the electronic form to run the text through the systems of anti-plagiarism. So, after you have copied the materials, you should inevitably start to raise the uniqueness of the text.
  • Conclusions and personal opinion. Most students write research in the same way as simple essays. But those who want to write a paper on high scores should move their brains, think, analyze the material. Each paragraph and each chapter should contain a personal conclusion on the topic. You should even argue with authors who have already written something on your topic. The more independent the conclusions are, the more original is the assignment – the higher your chance to get a high score.

Therefore, it is great if you have started preparing the paper in advance and know your discipline. And what to do if not? What if you have skipped several lectures because of sickness or other reasons? What if you have to merge your research with your job so that you don’t have enough time and energy to complete the work? So, you still might have to ask, ‘how to make a writing assignment’ question.

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