Boost up your content writing with these measures. Plagiarism, Rewriting and Grammar Updates

Good content is unique, actionable, and always has the potential to answers a question. It must be adequately sourced, exclusive, concise, grammatically correct, and formatted appropriately. Good content tends to will increase likes, shares, and rank on significant search engines.

To make your content error-free and credible, do a plagiarism check before publishing it on a webpage. Take help from a paraphrasing tool to remove the plagiarism.

Grammatical and spelling mistakes ruin your content’s appearance, so make sure to use a grammar checker to correct your spelling and grammatical errors.

Tips to Boost up your Content writing

To boost up, you can follow some measures such as:

Keep your content original

Whether you are composing an Instagram post with an image or using an image in a blog post, an original picture and unique words are essential for your audience. So always Take time to create a new photograph and innovative content. offers you a free opportunity of plagiarism checker for your content. Copy and then paste up to 1,500 words in this plagiarism tool or upload your text file and click “Check Plagiarism” to get instant results. It will highlight all the similar phrases so that you can change them to make your Content plagiarism-free.

If you want To increase the freshness of your content:

  • You can use personal experiences and storytelling.
  • Always try to Create channel-specific content.
  • You must have a brainstorming session with colleagues to come up with original and trending ideas.
  • Use a paraphrasing tool if you are of words.

Keep your Content unique

Creating motivating content may seem like a no-brainer, but if it is not adding anything new or exciting on a topic, it will provide value to your audience. To create unique content, some essential steps are:

Ask the following questions to yourself:

  • “Does your content suggesting a brand new take on a topic?”
  • “Is your content thought-provoking?”
  • You must use an article rewriter to spin your plagiarised content in minimum time. SearchEngineReports offers you a free article rewriter to make your content new and attractive. This article spinner provides the opportunity of rewriting a text sentence by sentence.
  • This rewriter tool will read a whole text thoroughly, understand it, and then rewrite new words. I this way, your content would have lesser chances of plagiarism. You can convey an old message by Taking a new angle.

Correct your grammar 

Always do Proofreading before publishing any of your content. SearchEngineReports offers an online grammar checker that works based on advanced proofreading technology and automatically identifies spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and inappropriate words. This grammar corrector is fast and provides results within no time. It also has an in-built Punctuation checker to find out any punctuation errors in your content quickly. This online tool goes through an English grammar check online tool that helps fix all your content’s mistakes. Its feature of  Grammar check sentences makes your Content appealing.

Make your content actionable

The goal of your content must be apparent.  Your content must be driving your audience to the next step, whether that’s viewing another blog post or sharing your content with others. Good content is always actionable because it has the potential to asks the person to do something. Every line of your content should provide a clear, actionable next step. To make your content actionable, you can take the following steps:

  • You must Include calls for action.
  • Make sure that there are social share buttons so people can share them whenever they want.
  • Make sure that your content must Direct the audience to the next piece of content.
  • Use a grammar checker to make your content more appealing and free of errors.

Answer a question

Good content can answer a question that the audience has and would also like to know more about their queries. The content which has the ability to answers a question hits two targets at the same time: It keeps informing your audience. People will keep visiting your page so that it will enhance your rank on search engines.

To give appropriate answers to all the queries with your content, you must take the following measures:

  • Conduct deep research to identify knowledge gaps for your audience.
  • You can Use an FAQ on your site or blog post.

Use proper citations

People do not like content that has inconsistent or improper sources. It will create a sense of mistrust and serves as a massive turn-off for readers; if your reader has One bad experience with an inappropriate citation, you may lose potential customers or audience members. If you want To source your content correctly, then remember:

  • You must Cite it if your content has someone else’s original idea.
  • Always Use trustworthy sources and websites.
  • You must include links to sources.

Keep your content concise

Keep your content simple. If the content has a video format, then it must be under three minutes. Check plagiarism of your video content as well. Use a paraphrasing tool to make a brand new and straightforward description of your video. If it’s a blog, it must consist of 400-1000 words. Use a grammar checker tool to make our content free of grammatical mistakes.

Use right format

Always incorporate lists, bullet points, and white space to break up your article if you’re writing a blog post. Your every piece of writing should be simple, exciting, and provide a pleasant experience for your audience. To format your content correctly:

  • Try to Skim your Content
  • Try to Break up paragraphs when you are switching topics.
  • Add headings, subheadings, lists, and bullet points.
  • Stay consistent.

Add links

Forst of all, it generates a deep search to identify the most reding links. Now take some material from those links and use a paraphrasing tool to make the information brand new. Do a plagiarism check and add it I your content. You might take help from a grammar checker to analyze the spelling and grammar mistakes of your content. Now add links in your content to make it more assessable and available. Such content will force readers to stay active on your site, and you may ask them to generate backlinks. It helps to enhance the DA and PA of your page and improve your ranking among SERPs.

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