Tips To Create Killer Instagram Marketing Campaign In 2020

Instagram Marketing Campaign

Are you waiting for some foolproof tricks that can help you take your business to the next level? Business owners should know Instagram is no more a selfie sharing platform rather it has become the fastest growing platform with the highest engagement ratio among all social media sites. If you want to run a killer Instagram marketing campaign, you need to do it right as running an effective campaign is not as straightforward as it seems.

To land a campaign successfully, you need to do everything like a pro, especially from setting objectives to choosing hashtags. Today’s article will run you through all the aspects that can result in an effective and result-generated campaign.

What is an Instagram marketing campaign?

A campaign specifically created for Instagram that involves sharing content on Instagram feeds with one intention to accomplish a marketing objective is termed as an Instagram marketing campaign. The objective can be broad to specific depending upon the industry and its core priorities. However,  It is ensured in every campaign that you generate great interest in a specific time frame. The best way to do it is to create awesome, entertaining content accompanied by some branded hashtags.

Set the campaign goal and research the audience accordingly

Before you dive into deep, it is crucial to plan it out first. To create a killer campaign, you should be very clear about your objectives. You should exactly know whether you want to build a strong social presence or try to sell your product. Make sure to tie back goals to number: for instance if you want to sell a product, then set a goal for how many units.

After setting the goal, the next big step is to research for the target audience and create the content your audience will like to engage with. The better you know the audience, the more you tailor the campaign to their needs. A very quick way to find out more about the audience is to take help from Instagram’s suggested feature. When you find a person who you are sure will fall into your target audience, click on his suggested tab to find out more users like him.

Create a message that can resonate with the target audience

If you have concluded research, go some extra miles to find out more about the audience – their desires and needs. To know, what can work well with your audience, look the basic interest among your followers and create a message that can resonate with them. It is good to promote a company for profit but it is the best to promote for a cause you believe in.

Tap into Instagram influencers to move up the campaign

Once you have created the content, the next objective is to show it off to as many people as possible. And the best way to do it is to collaborate with Instagram influencers. Typically, an Instagram influencer is the blogger, photographer, or celeb who can relate to your business. Simply, reach out to influencers and ask if they’ll be interested in working with you.

There are a plethora of influencers, who will be ready to promote your product in exchange for some bucks or cross-promotion. You can also buy real Instagram likes to give your posts a sense of authority.

Don’t Only Rely on Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful platform for businesses, but to get maximum out of the campaign, we necessitate to share the same or campaign content elsewhere. The one common problem beginners often make is to run a campaign only on one platform – neglecting the large audience who can be lying in wait on other social networks. You can also buy Instagram followers to give your profile a quick boost or collaborate with influencer or marketer with the experience in your niche.

Develop a hashtag

Every Instagram marketing campaign needs a hashtag. Creating a hashtag is not trick yet creating one that drives traffic and increases brand awareness is. You can try out different tools or strategies to figure out what hashtags can work best for you. However, it is always best to keep it short and simple – preferably of three words or shorter. The next important thing is that it should be memorable. The last but not least it should relate to your business but it should never be the one that has previously used with another cause. A unique, memorable, simple and short branded hashtag is one that can help you driving traffic, increasing social exposure, and boosting engagement.

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