Tips To Design Your Wedding Invitation

Crafting your wedding card would mean a lot of fun. There will be several things you would need to consider. Creating a wedding invitation card is not easy when you wish to create one that has all the details.

The easiest way to get a wedding invitation is to check for the most amazing template for a basic invite or order a sample. Then you can copy it, and create a similar invitation for the rest of your guests. In this article, we will be sharing with you all the details and tips that you would need to follow while creating a custom wedding invitation.

Start with paperwork

You cannot complete a wedding invitation card without considering some plans. You should ask yourself what type of wedding invitation you want. Would you like a floral design or a simple one?

It will be better to draw with a color pencil. Then with a scale, you should mark the boundaries of the card and the size. This preplanning is compulsory both for the digital and hard copy invitation cards.

While you create this draft, keep in mind that you should also write the venue and date details, to figure out where and how the card will look.

Search for a designing application

The next thing would be searching for a great photo editor. This application would be enough to design a card. As of today, we all tend to yearn for a wedding invitation with some modern styles, therefore, it is necessary that you must choose an application that allows you to use some templates.

To find such software, it is necessary to read reviews, ask some friends, and then decide which application would be suitable for your PC. Then you should check the features available in each application, to figure out if those are enough to create the wedding invitation of your choice.

Choose the colours

The next thing would be planning the colours. There would be cases when you might not get the decided shades and colours, so it would be better to reconsider your choice after checking the available colour palette. You must ask yourself about your preferences. As it is the winter season so it might look great if you would go for the darker shades and colours.

Create something

If you want some flowers or some modern style shapes on your card then it is the time to take out the artist in you. You should try drawing something with the stylus. It can be anything, watch some tutorials, and create a card for your wedding. It will not be an easy task, so you might need to make several attempts to get one of your choices.

In case you are finding it difficult, it would be better to take some help from your friends, and even if that is not possible you can simply play with colours.

Search for the photos and stickers

The next thing would be the hunt for the best photos. It will be better if you choose some unique images, the ones that are available on Shutterstock or other websites. These images can be animated too. You can then paste that animation on the invitation card.

For stickers, you can check in the application as well, for there are several applications that come with a lot of stickers. You can choose any of those to decorate the card.

Add details

It is pretty important, and the main purpose of this wedding invitation relies on it. The best way to add the details would be by creating a box, at the center of the main page or at the bottom.

There you must add the following details.

  • The details about the venue, location, and landmarks.
  • Timings for the event.
  • The date.
  • Any further details if necessary.
  • Share the contact numbers of the relevant and responsible people.

Add wishes and thanks note

The next and probably the last thing would be adding wishes. It is out of courtesy and love, you should share your blessings with the receiver, and thank them in advance for coming to your wedding. These wishes must be mentioned at the top of your invitation, or at the end page.

Make the optional front page

You can also create a GIF for the wedding invitation, and then it will be better if you create a front page. This page can have a floral pattern or anything which goes with the design of your wedding invitation.

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