Tips To Make The Most Attractive YouTube Videos

Social networking websites such as Instagram and Snapchat have created an excellent way for businesses to advertise their products and the business via videos. However, with almost 5bn videos watched on a daily basis, YouTube is still the best video watching application available in the market. Even with some incredible Instagram video editors and such other online tools like Invideo, these social networking websites are nowhere near YouTube.

However, YouTube videos are very sensitive videos. You need to design the intros and the outros as well to make sure you have great content to attract viewers to watch and subscribe to your channel. You have to make videos, create original content regularly, create an attractive intro with the 3D intro maker applications available in the market, create an outro. You also need to tell your potential subscribers about your channel as well. After so many things, a YouTube video will become ready to post on your channel.

Here in this article, we will tell you about some killer ways and strategies to make your YouTube channel the best one. We will provide you some tricks and tips to create some killer YouTube content that will surely attract people to your channel.

Create lean-back contents:

A great misconception people have about YouTube videos is that YouTube is only for the videos that go viral. People think that if they are not able to shoot their pets, making mischief, or are not shooting pranks that have gone wrong, it isn’t their place. However, there are a lot of pranksters trying to get the YouTube limelight, but trust us, most of them have failed. You may think that as more people are now trying to watch videos online on their mobile nowadays, people want these videos to be short. However, Google has some other findings. It says that people nowadays mostly watch YouTube videos when they are home, relaxing on their couch, it has become more like watching TV. People do it for their relaxation. So, if you can create videos that will provide relaxation, people will surely become attracted to your videos.


This is a very important aspect to keep in mind if you want to become famous or make your brand so on YouTube. The most successful YouTube channels around the world are consistent with their ideas. Some big brands are creating videos every couple of days. Some brands create a video for their customers almost every day.

Here is also a small misconception that many of the brands need to know about. People think having consistency is having a very highly populated channel with high trafficking. You should know that most of the brands create consistency with their style of videos and such other things. This way, when people know what to expect, brands with familiarity are helping to build loyalty and trust between their viewers over time.

Building community:

While ephemeral videos can be an effective option to capture the attention, it will tend to create a passive user experience. However, the beauty of the YouTube videos is it will create a sense of community for different brands, and there will be a chance for each brand to create a sense of community as each brand will provide you the potential to build highly engaged audiences. There will be a chance for the brands to grow this common understanding that the comments are appreciated. Some brands are ready to build this relationship with your audiences alongside a cycle of communication and interaction as well.

Write an original and attractive script:

This is another essential aspect of creating killer content on YouTube. Writing a script might be tiring. At some point, you may want to steal concepts to complete your script properly, and you will then shoot a video to post it. However, if you have an original script, your customers will feel your videos and will get attracted to them. Writing a killer script is a very important thing if you want to attract people towards your videos. If you do not have a killer script, you will end up blabbering in front of the camera. It will be a killer YouTube video as well. However, it will completely kill and destroy your YouTube career. Therefore, whenever you are looking for making a great YouTube video for your channel, always concentrate on your script. Make sure it is a great one.

Implement the bait and hook approach:

This is another way to attract more customers towards your YouTube channel. Let’s say you have a killer script, a great camera with perfect lighting, and you have taken your time to shoot the video perfectly to keep it without any flaws. But if your potential customers are not opening your YouTube channel, how will you make killer YouTube videos anyway? Well, the most tried and tested solution to do this is to go for the bait and hook approach. This way, you can get some attention from your potential clients. How? Well, the first 15 to 30 seconds of your video is really important if you want to take this approach. It is the part when your audience will decide whether to stick to the video or to skip to it. This is why you need to spend more time on the introduction. So, focus on this part, try to make these beginning seconds attractive so that your audience decides to stick to the videos.

Using keywords:

This is the last but not the least tip we are going to tell you that will surely grab the attention of some potential clients for your YouTube channel. You should enter keywords wherever you can. Include keywords in the title, in the description, in the keyword tag section, and wherever you can. The more keywords you will use, the more people will get attracted to your videos.

So, check out these simple tips and tricks, keep them in mind, and you will become the next big thing on YouTube in just a matter of time. Try them out today.

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