Tips To Securely Sell Your Macbook

Do you want you sell your MacBook? Do you want to upgrade your computer system? Well, maybe your machine isn’t much used and the better its condition is the more money you’ll make by selling it. Apple hardware holds its value for long. People often call it misplaced brand loyalty, but the truth is that Apple machines have a higher lifespan in comparison to its rivals. So, regardless of the reason why you plan to sell your MacBook, here are some tips to help you sell it the highest possible price and protect your data at the same time.

Backup your data

You would definitely want to back up your data before you plan to sell the device. In order to move your data from one Mac device to another, you just need Time Machine. It creates a record of your data so you can easily restore it whenever you are planning to get rid of the device. If you are already backing up your Mac with Time Machine, then its fine, but if not, then just plug in a hard drive and launch the utility. And, then Time Machine will back up your data.

Format and reinstall your Operating System

After you have got the backup, you should wipe your drive and get your operating system reinstalled. You can do it easily through the Mac’s recover partition, it may take some time depending on the internet speed.

Once you do it via Mac’s recover partition, you have finally reinstalled the Mac Operating System. After your Mac has finally rebooted, you will get a message to shut it down. Now your device is in new state.

Clean your device

Cleaning the device is important if you want to get a goof price, then your device should be truly worth it. Clean your machine by wiping with a wet cloth. Make sure you clean it inside and outside. Remove all the debris, dust between the keys and trackpad along with vent. Also, clean the power cable along with transformer. Check for the edges of the screen, ports as well as bottom.

Now your device is finally ready to be put on sale. One of the best options to sell your MacBook Pro is MacBack. All you need to do is fill in the details of your MacBook such as processor, RAM, model, and they will immediately send you a quote according to the condition of your MacBook. If you are happy with the price quote offered to you, they will come to your address to collect the device. And, once the device has been assessed, you will get the amount credited in your bank or PayPal immediately. All you need to do is sit back and just let them do all the needful. So, click here and sell your MacBook today.

Follow the above mentioned steps so that your laptop is in perfect sale condition. The MacBack professionals will analyze your device and provide you the right amount for it without any processing fees.

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