TM Whats App APK for Android (Review 2020)

TM WhatsApp APK for Android (Review 2020)

Do you want to enhance your WhatsApp chatting style with some extra features? Have you felt tensed using outdated functionalities of WhatsApp? If yes, then good news for you is now you can access TM WhatsApp instead of official WhatsApp to enhance your overall chatting experience with some extra specifications. This amazing version is a perfect mixture of modified apps and considered one of the best apps of year twenty twenty.

TM WhatsApp is now going to become a favorite of all Android users because the application bypasses the current update of official WhatsApp. After the previous update, lots of 3rd party applications that are used instead of WhatsApp become useless like dust. The only app which stands in the front of the general public is TM WhatsApp APK.

Which highlights make TM WhatsApp star of eyes?

If you download and install the WhatsApp app from Google Play Store on your phone then you can use it but you can miss some amazing features. The limitations are applied to the default version, you can’t customize the appearance and themes as you want. You can share large size files, can’t hide privacy and much more. But on the other hand, the modified version offers all those features which officials can’t offer in free. But the entire features of the amazing application are free and can’t charge any single penny from its customer. These were the facts that make the application star of our eyes.

One of the frustrating things in WhatsApp is you can’t hide your privacy. This means if you can read someone’s message then the sender understands that receiver reads its messages. If you are online then all other contacts can see your online visibility. And many more problems are here like typing visibility. TM WhatsApp is all in one solution to all these problems.

On the large size, lots of 3rd party apps offer its service which contains GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus, Fouad, and much more. But TM WhatsApp is the perfect alternative of all those 3rd party apps along with the official app. Globally millions of peoples are using the app and quite happy with its services, so you can imagine how good the app was.

Great features of TM WhatsApp:

Some of the best features are enlisted are below, and along with that, the app posses more features. Other you can use while using the app personally.

  • Full freedom for you, first of all, you can customize the appearance of WhatsApp front end.
  • Decorate the front end of the app with 50+ themes available in the current update. You can also download themes on your phone’s local storage if you like.
  • Increase or decrease the font size and you can also modify font style.
  • The application will automatically send messages to other friends if you set the auto message interval. You can use this feature when are mostly offline. Because others can receive a message in the absence of you.
  • You can hide last seen of your visibility, in this way friend can’t know the exact time of online seen.
  • Send and receive large size files in different formats.
  • Sleep mode.
  • Pause the chat if you don’t receive more messages from the sender.
  • Change the icon of the app.
  • If the other user deletes the message from chatting history still you can read it.
  • Sent more than 30 pictures to any user in a single click.
  • Share 100+ documents at a time with multiple peoples and in groups.
  • You can add status above 7 minutes.
  • On the normal version, you can’t send any message in more than 5 groups. But here within one click, you can share the data in unlimited groups.
  • And much more modification setting is available for use in conversation.
  • The application is small in size as compare to its never-ending functions.
  • The app is easy to navigate even that non-tech people can also access the app.
  • The interface of the app is user-friendly and responsive as well.
  • And many more benefits.

Things to bear in mind before running the app:

The first thing the application TM WhatsApp is a direct competitor of official WhatsApp and its patch is not accessible on Google Play Store. So, don’t use both applications at a time. First, rid the official app from the device and after that install a new app on your phone after download from 3rd party sources. When app live to create an account and you can also restore old WhatsApp data on new TM WhatsApp conversation.

Enable the “unknown source” before installing the application on your Android phone.

You can navigate options in the setting menu inside the security area.

Final Verdict:

Don’t deny the importance and power of TM WhatsApp APK, because it will wholly change the way of your boring chatting. Stay up to date with the modern era WhatsApp functions.

Must download TM WhatsApp APK file latest version for your Android mobile phone and I am sure after the first use of it you will be fond of it.

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