Top 10 Software Development Trends In 2019

Software Development Trends

In the world of software development and programming, just like it is in every aspect of life, one constant thing is change. This change/transformation takes place swiftly, and for this reason, it becomes necessary as a developer to keep widening one’s ken on programming and web development as new updates are designed. It is attractive and more demand for outsourcing services.

Thus, the creation of an effective solution to a programming bug without stress would only be possible if one is up-to-date in every aspect of programming language. This may sound easy, but it is a big challenge for most developers and programmers.

Flowing from the above, this article is made to state and decipher the top 10 updates and trends in software development- precisely, the services of java software development.

Java Development

Java development entails an improved level of stability, methodology, security features, open-source nature, and other distinctive attributes; Java development services is distinctive. Its efficiency contributes to it being one of the widely used programming languages globally.

For Java development, various changes and updates have been introduced in 2019. Created are the new versions of Java which are Spring 5, Spring Boot 2, Spring Security 5, etc. Also, we have other updates such as Java 10 and 11, which entails unique features like API enhancement, Thread Local handshake, and GC improvement. These changes happen almost simultaneously, which makes them challenging and cumbersome to master.


Top 10 trends for Java programmers in 2019

1. DevOps

DevOps is a series of routines that encompasses information technology operation and software development. It is a part of the services of Java development that is commonly used because it reduces the life cycle of system development and produces high-quality software.

Recently, a handful of institutions have diverted to DevOps, and they have chosen the continuous integration and deployment. DevOps has a wide scope of the study, and as a developer, you must master its various principles and usage of tools. This is a cumbersome task that requires patience and sagacity.

DevOps is most suitable for Java developers that have a zeal for automation and structure improvement as well as environmental management.

2. Git and Github

Git and Github have been in use for a while now. Using Git alongside Eclipse is a common thing, but its usage on the command line is a new process. Before mastering Git command is not be necessary once you know how to use it with Eclipse but now that various companies are moving to Git from CVS and SVN, learning it is shouldn’t be compromised.

3. Java 9, 10, 11, and 12.

Mastering the new designs and features of Java 9, 10, 11 and 12 is another trend in 2019. This is because the services of these Java developments come with an advanced methodology for a Jigsaw, Process API, Reactive Streams,  JShell, API improvement, and HTTP2 client.

4. Spring Framework 5

Acquiring knowledge on Spring Framework 5.0 is another vital update as it entails new developments such as unit testing improvement, Java features adoption, and reactive programming model on spring 5. Note, it is easier to know if a developer has mastered Spring.

5.Unit testing

Unit testing is another segment about which developers need to know more. It entails various tools and frameworks available for programmers for the integration and testing of an application. There are various things to know about unit testing, and when it is done, it makes you a more professional and updated programmer.

6. RESTful Web Service

Restful Web service is another area that you must widen your knowledge as a professional programmer in 2019. Indeed, with RESTful web service, your knowledge of implementing secure and scalable RESTful web service as well as writing REST API in Java development( through spring) would be advanced.

7. Spring Security 5.0

Spring Security is the third development of the Spring Ecosystem. It entails sporadic bug fixes as well as an OAuth2 module which makes development coherent and seamless.

8. Spring Boot

One of the latest updates of the spring Boot framework is spring Boot 2. So, Spring Boot 2 is something you should invest your time on because it’s aids in improving your Java programming efficiency.

9. Angular 2+ or React JS

Angular 2 + React JS are tow JavaScript frameworks that bring a new method and dimension to Web application development. If you have mastered jQuery, Servlet and JSP, learn these two JavaScript frameworks would make you versatile in application development.

10. Android

Undoubtedly, learning how to develop android applications is a trend that isn’t confined to a particular period. This is so because Android is somewhat the most used for developing mobile applications.

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