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Top 4 Email Marketing Campaign Examples that Bred Success

Top 4 Email Marketing Campaign Examples that Bred Success

Before embarking on email marketing campaigns, it is essential to check campaign guides that can lend inspiration to do your job in a better way. If the chosen campaign turns out perfectly then, your emails will impact great returns on your investment. For a newbie, it is essential to create some eye-catching and creative emails that can overpower tons of automated newsletters and force your subscribers to take action.

Based on statistics, it has been seen that there are probably many types of campaigns in email marketing that can draw an audience and engage them to your sites. As an email marketer, if you search for new ways to breed success for your entrepreneurship, we are listing some famous email marketing campaign examples that have pulled email marketing to a new level. These compiled examples can inspire you to improve your content and enable strategies to discover and implement a good campaign.

Welcome emails

Email Marketing campaign with a welcome email has been able to get the best of open rates. They make a good impression on subscribers and unfold them with information about brand products and services. Companies like headspace have used this idea of sending a welcome email series to subscribers. These emails include links that take readers to websites or landing pages that effectively describe what headspace has to offer them. Even a brand like Patagonia uses the welcome series, especially for new subscribers who sign up for their email list. It makes it easy for them to share their product details, highlight upcoming sale announcements, or update about any new launches. This factor increases brand affinity and offers reassurances to subscribers to share a close bond with them.

Implementing personalization

Like welcome emails, personalization plays a vital role in email marketing campaigns. It has been seen that email marketing for agencies takes immense care while creating personalized content for individual subscribers. Readers who are sick and tired of generic content get overwhelmed to receive some appealing content as per their interest, which they skim through their inbox only to pay attention to emails that catch their eye. So, such email marketing campaigns provoke this email medium to develop at an astonishing rate and breeding success for all industries. Airbnb adopts this personalization strategy meticulously and compensates for the design lack by imparting personalized content. Airbnb tries to send desired content and even delivers email after cart abandonment to offer tailored fit emails that meet specific needs.

Likewise, Netflix is one of the highly acclaimed brands that reach out to their subscribers with a compiled list of exciting options to ensure purchase. It offers value-added suggestions as per the data of searched content and makes sure that the visuals do most of the communicating. It gives the subscribers a sleek peek into the latest series and a dynamic, appealing range to force subscribers to spend more time on Netflix.

Drip marketing

A drip marketing email campaign allows companies to stay in the loop and lend as relevant emails as possible. But before sending, it is important to check between the window shoppers and potential leads who wait for offers and surprises within emails. Implementing drip marketing, trigger-based emails in the body of emails can get you the maximum engagement from your subscribers. For example, Boxycharm, one of the reputed companies, creates some compelling and eye-catching subject lines and entices people to read the email till the end.

Product Hunt an online platform used for sharing new products uses drip marketing campaign emails to keep their readers engaged. Be it daily, weekly, or monthly, they make sure to stick with a pattern that can offer additional value to readers frequently.

Emails with interactive elements

Having emails with interactive elements is going to breed success for any business start-up. It makes customers feel valued and gives them a platform to share their opinions. EmailMonks have realized their importance and have made sure to use it to their advantage. They have tried to build an entire campaign around it as they know that keeping customers happy is a valuable resource and a win-win situation for everyone. They have introduced games into their email marketing strategy and have managed to stand out among the other couple of dozens of similar campaigns. Some companies like GrowthHackers stimulate their email campaigns with a social perspective and offer a sequence of high-quality content to celebrate such topics. Setting a formula to make an email marketing campaign in line with the current trends can help your campaigns stand out and breed success in your respective enterprises successfully.

Wrapping Up

With the accelerating speed at which the business world is shifting into the digital plane, you can see how email campaigns offer different things that make them great. According to your business goals, you can implement some of the types of campaigns that your subscribers will enjoy. So, utilize these ideas and creative genius marketing campaigns to fuel your ROI and deliver memorable email marketing campaigns in 2021.

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