Top 5 Cool Gadgets For Men That Are In Trend In The Year 2020

The year 2020 has filled our lives with lots of ups and downs. With all the changes happening around the world, there was one change that happened for good, i.e., the trend of cool gadgets for men. Reimagine your style with new and trendy gadgets that fill your life with comfort and features and compliment your looks with the latest fashion. All the Cool gadgets for men that we brought here for you today are in the range of an extremely affordable and reasonable price with features and functionalities that make them seem like a tech bargain.

Our team researched to help you find the coolest gadgets that will suit your personality and help you to work from the home, office, or anywhere. These 2020 cool gadgets for men are true tech bargains when it comes to fashion, compatibility, and utility because no gadget is really a gadget until it is really handy and dandy.

So without wasting another second, let us dig in deep and find out what cool tech bargains, the year 2020 has for us.

Here are the best cool gadgets for men in the year 2020 that are true tech bargains

Flip your work baggage empty with Asus Chromebook C523 Laptop- 15.6″ HD

ASUS is a well-known electronics manufacturer with a mainstream approach and is known to deliver quality that is always worth its price.

Asus Chromebook Flip C523 is the coolest gadgets in our list, its 180-degree flip feature allows the users to use it as a tablet whenever they want, as per their convenience. It has a super lightweight frame of only 3.1 Pounds and is made of a magnesium alloy body with a 15.6 inches display screen.

Under its lightweight body, it’s a sleeping beast ready to be turned on and unleash its full potential with an Intel Dual-Core Celeron N3350 Processor, 32GB eMMC Storage, and 4GB RAM at a price of $399.7, it might not be a true tech bargain, but it definitely passes to be a cool gadget for men. Asus Chromebook Flip C523 also gives you the ability to unlock this beast and protect it from malware with an in-built antivirus that comes. Also, Chromebook’s easy to use a keyboard and smooth touchpad will help you guys work at home with ease and comfort.

Reimagining game boys with Game Gear Micro

Are you a 90s kid and a game boy fan? If yes, we have some good news for you!! Game gear micro brings back the nostalgia with its key ring sized and gaming interface that every 90’s kid love.

Game gear micro is certainly a cool gadget for men and can be plugged in with accessories like headphones and a USB charging cable. It is powered by AAA batteries and has a dimension of 80 x 43 x 20mm. The display itself is 1.15-inches diagonally, and for convenience, it comes with a magnifying glass attachment for a better view. This innovative product is produced by SEGA and is available on Amazon from October onwards for a price of $46.78.

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N

What muffles every sound around you and makes you hear only what you want? The answer is Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N. Sony delivers these classic designs with its superb sound quality. We are particularly excited about this product, and it has hype all over the market. And it is our personal favorite. With boosted bass and apex sound quality of Sony, now you can also enjoy the freeness of wireless earbuds.

With all the killer designs and funky colors of Sony, it comes with a long battery life of 35 hours, and a smart AI-powered noise cancellation feature. On top of all this, Alexa, the voice assistant, can also be integrated into it to Voice Access to Music and Information. With this, Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH700N makes the cut to be a cool gadget for men and as well dives into the category of tech bargain with a starting price of $54.98.

Spread the music with Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar

Have you ever seen a music system and be like “Damn that’s loud and neat”? Well, if yes, then meet Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar. It is the cutting edge of music systems compressed into a slim body design. With wireless Bluetooth technology, the quality this soundbar produces, speaks for itself.

Yamaha is known to build everlasting sound electronics, and just like any other Yamaha product, this soundbar also performs to that mark. With the punch of 7.1 channels, Yamaha YAS-203 Sound Bar happens to be a cool gadget for men that will shake your house to its very foundation.

Beat the challenges of dyslexia with Lexilife Lexilight dyslexia reading lamp

Dyslexia is becoming a common phenomenon these days. All over the globe, a near about 20% of the population is facing dyslexia. Recent studies show that dyslexia can be a product of disturbed never endings in the eye socket. As light falls on the eyes of a dyslexic person, both eyes perceive the images similarly, unlike a non-dyslexic person. This causes a mirroring effect, which leads to jumbled letters and difficulty in reading.

Now, with the Lexilight dyslexia reading lamp, the effects of dyslexia can be reduced, as it uses pulse light instead of regular light, which helps the person with dyslexia read better and with ease. It is a perfect product for work from home, which helps you get your work done and cures dyslexia too. This life-changing product is available for only $653.63 on

Our list of cool gadgets for men will help you stay productive and busy.

This CoVID-19 lockdown is taking a great toll on us and our mental health. It has now become essential to take care of ourselves, office work, and keep ourselves busy at all times. And with these 2020’s trendy cool gadgets for men, you can always surge in productivity and entertain your family, friends, and yourself for hours without a break. These products will get rid of the pinch of boredom at an extremely affordable price, making them the best tech bargains you can get.

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