Top 5 Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard – Best and Cheap one in 2019

If you are a serious gamer, you will be familiar with mechanical keyboards and the features it offers. These are heavily popular because of the higher material quality in which it is built and they additionally allows you to type in haste and more accurate than rubber dome keyboards. For a gamer, twitch reflexes and split-second decision making are of great importance. A nanosecond difference can decide the climax of a game you are playing and hence,  mechanical keyboards are of gaming interest. Your keyboard is actually an extension of yourself and to have precise and consistent control, one has to be more serious in selecting the best keyboards from the market. Here we present the best five low profile mechanical keyboard of 2018.

Best Low profile mechanical keyboard for Gaming Purpose

#1 Gaming Keyboard Mechanical Illuminated Keyboard LED Backlit

 Low profile mechanical keyboard

First, from my list, KG010 from Eagle Tec is an exquisite gaming keyboard with 104 custom mechanical switches and with mind-blowing blue backlight. the switches designed can offer longevity, durability and greater responsiveness. the keys are with medium resistance, tactile bump feedback, and precise actuation. Now with this particular stuff, long-lasting performance is undoubtedly achieved. The blue LED illuminated keyboard glows in the market with its double-shot injection molded keycaps, offering crystal vivid backlighting and lettering that won’t scratch off.

Never worry even if you are a rough gamer, KG010 can certainly meet your demands. The keyboard is built with aircraft grade aluminum and ABS plate mounted mechanically strong keys and switches which can amuse any of its users while harsh usage on gaming. Also the keyboard delivers ultimate gaming performance as the total 104 keys are conflict free, that is, n-key rollover function is enabled for this KG010. The keyboard has splash proof keys and non-slip ergonomic design can excite any game players. It supports almost all Windows versions but has limited Mac Os support and it costs $39.99 at Amazon shopping.

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#2 Mechanical Keyboard-Backlit Rainbow Wired Gaming Keyboard

 Low profile mechanical keyboard for gaming

This keyboard is a mechanical magic and can serve you with ultra-fast response for your commands. It took no time, which is very much less than 4 ms to get back the functioning you needed. This mechanical keyboard brown switch offers almost a 20% faster key actuation than any other competitors. No matter what game you play, this particular keyboard allows you to strike with deadly precision, reminding you it is intrinsic for gaming purposes. The nine pre-configured crystal clear lighting allows you to enjoy enhanced per key illumination. The rainbow lighting keyboard helps you to have a track of spells and other commands with ease.

The circuitry design of this stuff is of gaming-grade as it has 100% anti-ghosting with rollover functionality for 104 keys. Now it doesn’t matter how fast you give commands, or how fast you play, the keys are registered to execute up to 10 instructions simultaneously. In addition to all these, the keyboard is highly durable and water resistant. The stereoscopic key caps protect from longtime abrasion and enable an enhanced feeling to its users. The company offers more than 50 million keystrokes for this particular model. The compatibility is with almost all versions of Windows but has limited Mac OS support. The model costs $39.99 at Amazon shopping.

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#3 CORSAIR K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard

Corsair K55 RGB gaming keyboard comes with three-zone dynamic vivid RGB backlighting and enables you to select immersive lighting effects. The pre-configured 10 plus radiant lighting mode allow you to choose between lighting effects or multi color static backlighting. The 6 programmable macro keys the keyboard has, helps you to assign single keystrokes or multi-key combos thereby enabling powerful key actions and key remaps and thus you don’t require any additional software to do this function. A direct access to volume and media playback allows you to continue gaming without any interruption.

Moreover, the very quiet and responsive keys of the keyboard let you have a satisfying feel while you are rocking your hands. Multi-key anti-ghosting feature of this keyboard allows your commands and keystrokes to register the way you calculated or intended. The keyboard has got a detachable soft rubber wrist rest that delivers extra support and comfort to your marathon game play. The windows key lock mode avoids distraction by deactivating the windows key while you are gaming. Additionally, optimal positioning of your hands is achieved by the collapsible feet at the bottom. The keyboard requires a PC with 2 USB 2.0 ports and is compatible with almost all recent versions of Windows. It costs $47.99 at Amazon shopping.

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#4 Redragon K552 KUMARA LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

This is an 87 key mechanical keyboard which has got a cherry blue equivalent custom mechanical switches for the perfect gaming experience.  It gives audible click sound, medium resistance, precise and crisp tactile feedback for ultimate gaming. This RGB backlit mechanical gaming keyboard comes with a double shot injection molded keycaps which offers longevity for the lettering and crystal clear uniform backlighting. It features five different lighting modes, rainbow, RGB colors and breathing speed.

Anti-ghosting feature for all 87 keys makes them conflict-free for supreme performance. Additionally, non-slip ergonomic, splash-proof design with adjustable rear feet, 12 multimedia keys, USB cable with corrosion free gold plated connector etc can be very much handy for hardcore gaming. The keyboard has got a metal ABS construction which can stand up to really tough gaming conditions. This PC gaming keyboard is compatible with almost all Windows versions including 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP but has limited Mac OS support. This amazing RGB keyboard costs $33.99 at Amazon shopping.

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#5 ROSEWILL Gaming RGB Keyboard and Mouse Combo

This is going to be my final pick and this particular keyboard and mouse combo features attractive RGB backlit LED keys. This keyboard with all its features along with the mouse serves the best for gaming at a most affordable price. The six dedicated multimedia keys allow you to do necessary actions swiftly. Now you can play, pause, skip with ease using these keys. You can easily adjust the volume with this keyboard and mouse combo. For tactile feedback and enhanced durability, all 104 keys have laser etched keycaps along with nonslip plastic ABS construction. The ergonomic design that the keyboard offers helps you to game for hours without any distraction.

You won’t miss even a single keystroke in an intense game as the keyboard and mouse combo has anti-ghosting feature for 26 keys. The keys are controlled separately and thereby ensuring every key you press register accurately and simultaneously in a match. The optical sensor with advanced tracking and motion detection feature that the mouse gives help you get ultimate gaming experience. This feature offers accurate and precise on-screen control in fast for gaming. The DPI buttons that the mouse has enables you to change the settings to 4K DPI on a fly. The keyboard is also compatible with Mac computer too and it costs $44.99 at Amazon shopping.

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