Top 6 Vacation Rental Housekeeping and Maintenance Tools

It can be challenging to deal with vacation rental management. From tasks automation to payments to staff management, you have to keep an eye on different factors. It is a tough task to keep track of every single thing. It involves daily tasks like organizing a cleaning schedule, ensuring property security after checkouts, and keeping an eye on damages. With these time-sucking activities, it can be challenging for you to focus on other aspects of the business. To effectively manage your vacation rental housekeeping, you’ll need to use the most up-to-date equipment.

Vacation rental owners have to take the proper steps to ensure everything is working smoothly. But it is not possible to keep an eye on plenty of things. You have to streamline operations to ensure that nothing goes off track. We live in the digital landscape where almost everything is now automated. So, you also have to automate the guest experience and pricing to provide them an everlasting experience without any unpleasant memories. Let’s explore top vacation rental housekeeping maintenance tools.

1. Wishbox

Wishbox is one of the best platforms for enhancing the guest experience. It enhances your customers’ experience while also increasing your revenue. You can combine it with any software you’re working on right now. Suppose you are using vacation rental housekeeping software; in that case, you can add this tool to provide a personalized guest experience. It allows property managers to improve their sales by improving guest engagement. Wishbox is customizable that can fit in according to the needs of customers. It offers online check-in, guest-app with a guidebook, smart upsells, and scheduled messages.

2. YourWelcome

YourWelcome is all about managing the vacation rentals, serviced apartments, and other accommodation providers. The features in this tool include advance check-in, tablets, and a dashboard. The in-property tablet feature helps you earn more by every booking through streamlining your guest communication. You can offer add-ons and services to increase the revenue from guests. The tool enables you to give a warm welcome to your guests by personalizing the messages and through single-touch check-in procedures.

3. Digicheck

Digicheck is an innovative and highly functional web-based visitor management software that does almost everything a front desk receptionist can do. This tool improves the security of your business structure. It enhances your visitors’ entire experience. It allows you to modify your space using digital technology fully. Also, check-ins with image capture and government proof ID can get completed with a single swipe on the screen.

Digicheck ensures the proper security measures for employees and visitors that can be done efficiently by integrating them into any system. The system assures that guest authorization by having access to the facility. It makes the process easy by securing your system from all vulnerabilities.

4. Doinn

High-end hotel service providers and short-term rental enterprises use Doinn as a housekeeping tool. They give outstanding laundry and cleaning services. The tool has several features that enhance its use and functionality. Because they conduct background checks on their cleaning workers regularly, one of the most important characteristics of the instrument is safety. Doinn’s professionals deliver the finest quality services as their work gets appropriately supervised. Also, they follow you to customize packages that can meet your specific needs. It also allows you to modify your bookings, so flexibility is also there.

Their payments are entirely secure when it comes to security. You can make payments through a Paypal account or credit card. They follow the simple order process that helps customers to complete the process in just three steps. You have to place the order, book your properties, and register the service you want to take.

5. Properly

Properly is another management and housekeeping tool built to meet the needs of the vacation rental sector. It allows you to create visual checklists, schedule the services, and sort the changeover services. You can use the tool on your computer or any device as it is responsive and user-friendly.

Properly is connected to VRBO and Airbnb, so it will notify you to schedule a service on your calendar when you book your services. It offers a great list of features that helps you provide a great user experience to customers. It has task pins that help you make complicated tasks prominent. Also, the service providers can send you a notification if anything is not going according to the plan, like low supplies, etc. You can also schedule all services on a single platform.

One of the unique features of the Properly is push notifications. It sends you alerts when service providers start working and finish. It allows you to monitor everything closely in real-time. You can also use reusable checklists.

6. MaidThis

It is a vacation rental cleaning tool that helps you keep track of cleaning operations in the rental space. It is a simple tool to use and does not involve any rocket science. You have to schedule the cleaner by using the device. Once the clear will come, they will prepare your VR for the next guests. You will get a notification if there is a shortage of anything.

MaidThis contains excellent working features. It saves your time and ensures safety as all records of all workers are verified. They have competent professionals who know how to offer services according to the size of the space. You can also rate the cleaners according to your experience, making decision-making easier for other customers. The tool is simple to use as you have to provide the number of rooms at the property, and cleaners will rest. You can communicate online with cleaners and share your concerns with them.

The pricing depends on the quantity and size of rooms and how many times you take the service. It also depends on whether you need laundry service or not. So, you have to keep these factors in mind while using MaidThis.


All companies have streamlined their businesses in today’s modern era. It would help if you relied on the relevant tools and software to survive in the current business landscape. The same goes for the vacation rental housekeeping business. They have to harness the latest tools and software applications to make progress. This post will help you to choose the right tool as per your services and business type.

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