Top 7 Healthcare Mobile App Ideas To Invest In 2021

People nowadays are way more dedicated to good health than that of previous generations. A significant reason behind it is the increase in the number of chronic issues in all ages due to unhealthy lifestyle habits. To combat the sedentary lifestyle, people are now turning to technology and mobile apps.

In fact, the worldwide healthcare market is forecasted to reach a stunning 100 billion U.S dollars in 2021 as per Developer’s Stats. To leverage this five-fold increase from that of 2016, SMEs and entrepreneurs must invest in top healthcare mobile app ideas.

Healthcare mobile apps are highly effective in helping people develop excellent & healthy lifestyle habits. Mainly because people nowadays spend an average of more than three active hours over mobile phones as per the Guardian Stats.

As mobile apps’ popularity leads the healthcare industry vertical, it is essential to find the most beneficial options for you as an investor.

Here’s the list of top 7 Healthcare Mobile App Ideas you can try hands-on

  1. Weight loss/ Healthy diet App to make people fab & fit

The World Health Organization defines any person with a BMI greater than equal to 25 as overweight and above 30 as obese. Unfortunately, the WHO 2016 official report concluded more than 650 million adults as overweight. With fitness being a standard measure of health and beauty, more adults download weight loss and healthy diet apps.

A weight loss or a healthy diet app offers exercise and a balanced diet based on the user’s taste and fitness goals. You can monetize the app in multiple ways be it in-app advertisements or setting up a section where users can connect with dieticians, fitness experts for advance help and charge commission from both the parties.

  1. On-demand appointment Apps for quick and easy consultation

2020 witnessed a surge in on-demand appointment apps owing to safe distancing norms of the Novel CORONAvirus. However, on-demand appointment apps are here to stay as they prove a win-win for both the patients and the doctors.

When investing in this category of healthcare mobile app ideas, you need to connect with experienced mobile app development companies. Mainly because an on-demand appointment app has a host of features and intricate details that must be taken care of. To clear your doubts here’s the list:

  • Easy sign-up page
  • Search Doctors with multiple filters
  • Book/cancel appointment section
  • Video conference
  • SOS button
  • Multiple payment options

You can integrate multiple additional features for an advanced on-demand appointment app. For example, GPS tracking can be made available to reach a medical care center for appointments. To build such apps you can hire app developers and get an amazing healthcare app.

  1. Apps to monitor healthy sleep for reducing stress and anxiety

A healthy nap is essential for recharging our body energy levels. Adequate sleep is proven to cure various other underlying health issues. Unfortunately, according to the American Sleep Association as much as 50 to 70 million U.S adults face a hard time having a hearty sleep with short term insomnia being the most common ailment.

This paves the way for mobile healthcare apps that monitor user’s sleeping hours. Such apps offer peaceful music, suggest dining hours, sleeping style, etc., to help one have an anxiety-free recharging nap.

  1. Medication Reminder App for managing too many pills or forgetfulness

People with multiple chronic disorders often need to rely on too many pills at a time. Missing a dosage at times leads to severe health consequences. Moreover, forgetting pills is a common issue among patients. People facing such hardships can rely on medication reminding apps that effectively help them in combating the problem.

A medicine reminding app needs little information from the user such as medicine name, dosage timing, etc. and provides notification to help one easily manage medication.

  1. Healthcare apps dedicated to Women

A healthcare app dedicated to Women caters to much more than good health. For example, your app can have an SOS button that will alert the user’s close friends or family members about her location when used if sensed threat or danger. Multiple healthcare issues of females require special considerations and your app can offer the same.

For example, your app can offer women’s track their menstrual cycle, vital, healthy tips, etc. Video conference for connecting with experienced dieticians, gynecologists, etc.

  1. Medicine price comparison apps for finding the most affordable platform

A medicine price comparison app allows the user to find the least payable price based on discounts available in different drug stores and digital platforms. The stores or digital outlets available on such apps update the user’s with the latest deals and offers. However, it’s advisable to cross-check with one’s physician before buying them.

Research by Statista indicates that approximately 45% of respondents don’t mind spending long hours finding the best product price. Thus, it is a fantastic healthcare mobile app idea to invest in. To go a step further, you can allow ordering of the drugs and transform it into an e-commerce portal meant for selling drugs.

  1. Apps meant for recovery from addiction

Youths and young adults turning to drug abuse is a common issue for various nations. However, with time many adults realize the consequences of it. Yet, it is not always feasible for such adults to seek help from experts at the comfort of home.

An app can be the ultimate platform where those trying to ditch the filthy habits can connect with an expert for help from anywhere. These apps are also supposed to offer survivors stories to boost the morale of the users. There can be multiple sections like healthy food habits, simple exercises, etc., to provide sufficient aid in the recovery process.

Final Words

That was all about the top healthcare mobile app ideas any firm can invest in. A few more worthy ideas include urgent medicine delivery apps, online therapy apps, exercise-based apps, medical record-keeping apps, etc.

Developing a healthcare app requires research on the target audience and innovative elements for sensation success. It is best to connect healthcare mobile app development companies in India to experience stunning services at an affordable rate.


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