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If you want to compose music, you don’t need any expensive hardware synthesizers. You can utilize your free time to compose music. There is no problem with place and time. If you are a beginner, you can learn to arrange in a very more comfortable manner. Firstly we must talk about Garageband, which is hugely popular when compared to all the other.


The Garageband app is used to create music, and it can create multiple tracks like pre-made loops, various instruments, voice recordings, and MIDI keyboards. The main features are audio recording, virtual software, guitar features, music lessons, additional audio loops. The other features include smart strings like cellos and violin, EDM synth sounds, 100 hip-hop, and virtual offerings like drum kits.

Availability: This app is available for free in both iOS and macOS.

Other than iOs and macOS, there is the availability of Garageband on windows system for free.

The above given are the top 10 free music composer apps for your mobile and even PC. Choose the apps according to your choice. The information of apps are given below

1. Caustic 3

The caustic3 is user-friendly—the features like slides, buttons, and a lot of dials. Here you can create your sheet and can add different machines like sub synth, organ, beatbox, modular, saw synth, and more. You can add two effects for various tools that you said earlier. You can change ranges and automate by turning curves.

Availability: the caustic3 base app is available for free in both android and iOS.

2. Audio evolution mobile studio

The audio evolution mobile studio app used to create multi-track audio recording along with the music composition app. The virtual instrument features like create loops, add effects, compose effects, and many more. It allows you to record using the MIDI interface, USB audio, or internal mic. Other features like cloud sync, google drive, metronome, effects, mixer automation, and more.

Availability: the audio evolution mobile studio app has a free version, and some features are limited. This app is available in both android and iOS.

3. FL studio mobile

The FL studio mobile app is the most popular app to create, compose, edit, and mix the music according to your needs. The features like MIDI, drum kits, piano roll editor, built-in effects, a wide range of effects, along with high-quality synthesizers and more elements are available in this app.

Availability: this app costs $14.99 and available for both android and iOS.

4. Score creator

The score creator app used to create a sheet, compose sheet, and user friendly.  The features like multiple tracks, playback as per instruction basis, different types of instruments, and many more features are available. The process will be done by just adding notes by merely tapping on cords and notes on the keyboard. It has the most comfortable way of dragging and dropping.

Availability: this app is free in both android and iOS.

5. Music maker JAM

The music maker JAM is one of the best apps to create music for you among all the other. It will allow you to compose in various types of genres like trap, pop, rock, hip-hop, and more. The features like remix tracks, recording vocals, thousand plus of studio loops, adjusting tempo, and harmonies in the most natural way are available in this app, which allows 500+ loops and 300+ mix packs.

Availability: the music maker JAM is open for free in android and iOS.

6. Music studio lite

The music studio lite app is a user friendly. The features like microphone recording, ten drum loops, 85-key keyboard, easy way to import an audio file, and more are available in this app. The music studio lite has different types of keyboard piano and studio-quality instruments. This app decreases the effort and very easy to compose music as per the user requirements.

Availability: the music studio lite is available for free in android.

7. Music note pad free

The music note pad free app will you a standard note to compose music as per the user instruction. It will allow the user to save, write, and load the written record by choosing 128 MIDI instruments. The features like saving from SD-card and auto-saving; chords have flags and stem; access files directly. This app will help you in many ways.

Availability: the music notepad free is available for free in android.

8. Maestro

The score creator is very similar to this maestro app. This app lets you create a sheet for music composing. The maestro app plays multiple tracks, multiple instruments like violin, drums, piano, and all other. This app will be beneficial for music students and songwriters. This app will help you to play a song which you have written earlier. Once all the work gets completed, you can even export the image.

Availability: this app is available for free in both android and iOS.

9. Walkband

The walkband app has several instruments. This app will allow the user to compose and create the song as per the user instruction. It will enable you to use multiple users. Every instrument will take the whole screen and gives more space to compose music as per user instruction. The user can get interact with multiple users

Availability: the walkband app is available for free in both android and iOS.

10. Guitar tuner free

The guitar tuner free app is a popular app for composing music, which has 20 million downloads. It not only supports different kind guitar but which also supports bass and all popular string instruments. It will be easier to use for a user.

Availability: the guitar tuner free app is available for free in android.

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