Top Tech Brands and Why They’re So Popular

Top Tech Brands and Why They're So Popular

With most companies expanding their technological hardware, software and IT-focused employee networks, tech brands are making up an increasingly large proportion of business systems over the past couple of years.

Pairing the professional success of these brands with the recent uptake in more niche technological interests by budding IT enthusiasts, tech brands such as Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Microsoft and more, are becoming even more popular than ever before.

Why are these brands so popular?

The popularity of these brands, especially the big two (Apple and Microsoft) is unparalleled. Catering to larger corporations as well as the general public at the same time allows these tech brands to access both ends of their audience, not only increasing their profit margins but also increasing their popularity.

With a huge amount of success in creating the perfect brand image behind the scenes, a lot of hard work goes into maintaining a tech brand as large as these. Entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, for Apple and Microsoft respectively, worked tirelessly for years to get the initial prototype of their hardware and software correct – and it paid off!

What do these brands provide that other brands don’t?

Providing management solutions, creative design innovation and hardware catered for the commuter, the freelancer and the office worker are some of the main targets that these large tech brands hit better than others.

The iMac has been a revolutionary gamechanger for those employed in creative industries and similarly, the Windows operating systems have been running public and private servers for years across the world.

These larger brands are all-rounders, not only providing home and office computing solutions but also providing mobile phone technology. The iPhone and the Windows Phone have been part of some of the largest movements in technology and have had lasting impacts on the way mobile phones work today.

Additionally, these larger brands also work on a grassroots level; encouraging the development of young technologically enthusiastic minds through internships, entry-level jobs and graduate apprenticeships. These are highly sought after due to the calibre of brands like Apple and Microsoft and contribute to their overall popularity.

Are other brands better?

Arguably, as great as these larger brands are and regardless of the sheer variety of products they provide, some may argue that there are indeed other smaller brands out there that excel in the quality of certain Apple and Microsoft equivalents.

Considering how vast the technology market is right now, in terms of both hardware and software, the mere scope of the products that both Apple and Microsoft provide is extremely extensive. Naturally, there are competitors to some of these products.

A popular area where most tech enthusiasts tend not to go with the top brands is in server management and server setup. With key components such as controllers, rackmount servers, motherboards and processors being crucial to the performance of servers and therefore, to the running of businesses, most other manufacturers such as Cisco, HP and Fujitsu are more reliable.

Cisco is one of the most popular and well-trusted brands for catalyst controllers, with Dell and Intel being very well-renowned choices for processors and graphics cards too. There are plenty of smaller brands that have successfully launched alternatives to the Apple and Microsoft controllers, as well as other server hardware, too.

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When it comes to hobbyists and home tech enthusiasts, the PC building game is another area where the more commonly known top tech brands don’t penetrate the market as well as they do in other areas.

When it comes to installing RAM into personalised PC builds, brands such as Gigabit, GeForce and Corsair are much more popular and also more well-specified than the Apple and Microsoft equivalents.

Where can you find these brands?

The top tech brands can be found almost anywhere on your local high street, online, or in specialist retailer stores as well. The smaller brands are mostly accessible either online or in specialised tech retailers. Whether a popular brand or not, it’s always important to do your own research.

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