Top Tips on How to Combine Work and Study

Without the ability to competently organize your time and prioritize, no activity will be successful. However, any person can learn to combine many diverse matters at once. The following simple and effective tips will help students to combine their jobs and studies.

Basic Recommendations

No specific practical advice will help a person if he does not know the basic information. After a very short period of time, any student will notice that his life becomes richer and more productive if he or she pays attention to the following recommendations:

  1. Define your goals. Laziness, low personal effectiveness, unwillingness to work or study are constant companions of people who do not define their goals in the right way.
  2. Proper organization of your rest. This paragraph is about relaxation, and not about parties and the Internet. It is best if a person switches from one activity to another when he has free time. The best relaxation options are calm walks, meditations, light physical exercises, etc. The better organized the rest, the fewer chances a person has to lose your motivation. The implementation of the recommendation will help significantly increase personal effectiveness.
  3. Sleep. Most students experienced what the acute lack of sleep is and how it affects the productivity of work and study. There will be no advice on organizing an eight-hour sleep at all costs because when combining work with a school, this is not just difficult, but often impossible. However, you can have 15-20 minutes of naps during the day. Even this smallness will allow you to survive and even succeed with a severe lack of time.

Practical Tips

Having familiarized yourself with the basic recommendations, you can begin to study specific practical tips that will allow you not only to combine work and study but also to find time for a full, eventful life.

Choosing the Necessary Priorities

This paragraph will not say that success in both work and study requires the abandonment of meaningless pastime since such things are obvious and indisputable. It will focus on prioritization in matters related to work and study. Before doing any work, every busy student should think if this task worths the time he or she spends on it. With an in-depth analysis of all his badly needed actions, almost every person will find that some cases can be moved without any unpleasant consequences. For example, reading some literature, which does not fundamentally affect the student’s degree of mastery of his specialty, can be replaced by studying its summary. And if you feel that you don’t need to spend time on your assignments, you can order a custom essay. In conditions of severe lack of time, this advice will be more effective than the recommendation not to sleep at night, but try to redo all current affairs.

Suitable Work

It will be much easier for a student to combine all areas of his activity if his work corresponds to the specialty being studied. Yes, there are great difficulties in finding a suitable job, but they are not as insurmountable as it seems at the beginning. For example, a student of the faculty of journalism can try himself as a freelance employee of a small newspaper.

Day Planning

The diary is not just a desirable, but a mandatory student assistant. There are some secrets or planning for the upcoming day. In particular, this is not just writing of all upcoming tasks, but the formation of a flexible schedule. For example, cases tied to a specific time are recorded in the organizer’s time grid. Flexible tasks that can be performed at any time of the day are recorded in the free space of the diary and are performed at the most convenient time of the day or week.

Proper Use of Every Free Minute

From time to time, every student gets random cancellations of different classes. You can use this time to read the textbooks and do the work, which can be done regardless of location. Tablets and modern phones will help you to implement this advice. Access to all necessary information at any time and anywhere is greatly facilitated if it is stored electronically on mobile devices.

The Way to Neutralize Time Absorbers and Increase Productivity

How to get rid of such distractions as the Internet and TV? The most effective solution in this situation is the tracking of indicators. For example, the indicators can be preparation for exams or work if the student is a freelancer. So, you need to draw a simple table, the vertical lines of which will indicate the minutes, and the horizontal will indicate the days of the week. After this, you need to determine large-time tasks, which are supposed to be divided for many days. In the table, fix how many minutes a day it took to complete the tasks. For example, one day you read the training material for 10 minutes, and the next day, you do this for 30 minutes. Thus, a curve is obtained that fixes the indicators. A person who fixes the time spent on work will certainly strive to increase his performance.


Students who combine work and study have a difficult time. However, proper distribution of time, as well as a determination of goals and values ​​are is useful not only for successful activities today but also for building a career in the near future.

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