Top UI/UX Design Trends to Follow in 2021 and Beyond

It has become a ritual now for UI/UX design trends to keep coming each year. However, there is a reason behind this. When plenty of players start to follow these trends, it becomes a little ineffective due to overutilization. Hence, the web designers need to keep checking for these trends to offer unique and different services to the clients and users.

Remember, ‘Design is considered to be the body language of the market.’ Hence you should not slouch ever!

Here in this thread, we will discuss the importance of UI/UX design for mobile apps which every developer must follow not just in 2021 but beyond that as well.

UI/UX Design Trends in 2021 and Beyond 

  1. All Things Virtual and Remote

Ideally, 2020 was a year no one could even imagine. Several subtle elements paved the way during this year, and they are likely to continue in 2021 and beyond. AR and VR have already gained prominence in the healthcare, education, and art industry. There is no doubt that several companies had tried implementing AR and VR earlier, but they couldn’t succeed. Still, the pandemic was a thing needed for people to stop perceiving technology just for entertainment. According to Barrons, the Zoom video communications share has gone up by at least 600% in a year.

  1. Advanced Personalization

Ideally, customization in design is an approach where a brand or company builds unique content and recommendations for users based on information, including date of birth, marital status, order history, and other things. The main aim here is to make the users feel that content is customized for them, which would lead to increased conversion rates. Google and Apple also develop customized assistants for various ecosystems.

  1. Touchless Interactions

In the wake of the pandemic, touchless interactions have become another important UI or UX design trend that gained immense popularity. To term simply, it is all about interacting with various devices without even touching them. It is possible because of voice user interface and air gestures. Even before the pandemic stepped, with Alexa and Siri’s growing demand, it was pretty clear that voice interactions are here to stay. Hence adding voice search to any design is likely to expand its reach. The same thing is expected to be applicable for virtual assistants. After a few years, the companies will create a complete voice interface.

  1. Bright and Colourful Tone

Color tone plays an important role to get a perfect blend of matching hues and improves the user’s experience significantly. Also, at the same time, a lousy combination makes the users run to a rival’s site. With the coming time, the companies are likely to start fresh with some bright, colourful tone for their web portal and app design to create a lively environment for branding. Hence bright colours are likely to be implemented in various UI elements, including icons, boxes, buttons, etc. The designers mainly choose a white background to showcase the colours better. 

  1. Creative Human Touch

There is no better way to attract clients than using creative images. In this year 2021, the idea that will portray human connections is likely to get more value. But for that, the companies need to ensure that the images they choose are relevant to the content they post and are also attributed perfectly, especially for the impatient target audience.

  1. More of 3D Experience

No doubt, for several years now, 3D designs have appealed to users, and it cannot be called a novel design trend both on mobile and web. But currently, the designer’s interest in 3D elements and scenes, especially in interfaces, is likely to increase more than ever before. Additionally, the 3D designs have boosted as Apple has integrated them in their newly released MAC. In 2021, 3D is likely to get more prominence, considering the rise in AR and VR technologies. Some of the cool abstractions or angles are likely to be done with natural objects, which is expected to save money in no time.

  1. Motion That Users Love

Users from all age groups mainly love movement as they like watching animated videos or stories. In 2021, there are likely to be more animation videos because companies have understood that any motion video will tell a better brand story than any other form of advertisement. Hence motion pictures are here to stay without any doubt.

Parting Thoughts

After everything stated above, it is clear that the trends for UI/UX design will never be going out of fashion, and one must consult a UI/UX design agency for the same. Design relevance and critical thinking will always be a core part of the UI/UX trends, as that is what drives it. Design is considered the most robust visual language, which is considered a ‘Means’ but not an ‘End.’ It is with the design language that developers can easily communicate the value of the product.

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