Top 9 Best Torrent9 Alternatives In 2024

Torrent9 Proxy

Torrent9 Proxy was the most popular French torrenting website in the world, but recently people have been watching for viable Torrent9 alternatives. For some reason, their website disabled the option to download torrent files. Instead, it dispenses mostly notifications encouraging guests to use a Torrent9 VPN.

Top 9 Best Torrent9 Alternatives In 2024

In this article, you can know about Torrent9 Proxy here are the details below;

The ability to download shows to have returned for now. With all that, it’s essential for French speaking torrenting shares to find the best Torrent9 alternatives in event it stops running again. At the identical time, users shouldn’t download French torrents without a reliable VPN. It will hide your IP & business from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) & other third parties. Furthermore, a VPN will stop bandwidth throttling.

We begin our list with Torrent9, a famous torrenting site in France and other French speaking nations such as Gabon and Cameroon. The site, which brings in more than two million visitors every month, specializes in video games, music, eBooks and TV series, films, etc. Also check glotorrents proxy glodls unblock.

On top of that, it has the greatest music, & TV shows catalog you will ever encounter. Torrent9 has a robust database with well above two million top quality torrents that are downloadable at great speed.
A testament to Torrent9’s top office was when SmarTorrent (a popular site) started rerouting its clients to Torrent9. This action, more than anything, backed Torrent9 as the leading gush website of French origin.
However, in a recent declaration, the platform published that users could no longer download data via its platform. This was shocking, & although the website admin has given that rescinded the news, lots of question what the future exists for the well-loved torrenting program.

As per our research & emails we get, any users are not able to access Torrent9 sometimes. If that takes place to you, don’t be worried, as you can turn to a Torrent9 proxy (unblocked mirror websites, Torrents9 alternatives, whatever you call it) to unclog your favorite gush site. Below are a few of them for you (all working):.

Keep in mind: The list of mirror sites/Torrent 9 proxies is inspected and upgraded regularly to ensure just the working ones are featured.

Best Torrent9 Proxy Alternatives.

1. T411.


It is one of the largest torrent websites with several high-grade gush files. But beyond being a wonderful French gushes website, it has an online forum community featuring more than 5.5 million members from nations such as Belgium, Canada, and France. These neighborhoods offer important suggestions in almost every aspect, consisting of FR gushes submits that are downloadable at high speed.

Also, T411 torrenting website monitors users’ ratio of uploaded and downloaded files and utilizes the information gathered to improve its contents. It takes a whopping 37 million visitors each month, which is a fantastic accomplishment for any website. On the downside, it has great deals of ads and pop-ups. Therefore, we unfavorable you to not only have a quality complimentary ad blocker installed but also to work out care while downloading.

2. YggTorrent.


If you are of French origin & love torrenting, then you undoubtedly would have understood of YggTorrent. The torrenting site offers a broad list of files. Apart from the most recent games and motion pictures, you will also discover tons of apps, audio files, animations, and documentaries on it. This platform likewise offers many sports material, animation series, video, comics, podcast radio, & eBooks. Also check welltorrent alternative.

YggTorrent is easy to use & convenient as each of its classifications has various subcategories that enable you to find content expeditiously. Although the torrenting spring does require you to have an account prior to you can utilize it, you need not worry over that as it’s completely complimentary and will be up and running in a couple of minutes.
Also, it uses exceptional client assistance through its YggTorrent neighborhood who provides help to users in need. In December 2020, the gush platform announced that they now have more than five million customers, which is rather impressive for a site that is only 3 years of ages.

3. Kickass Torrents.

Kickass Torrents

In 2016, Kickass Torrents stormed the market and increased greatly to the top. It has an extensive portfolio of gush files and magnetic links suitable for P2P file-sharing that is done utilizing the BitTorrent protocol.
Yes, it’s not available all over, but it remains one of the best Cpsabien alternative sites. Right from the homepage, you can look for anything you require, from TV programs and films to video games and even music. Besides, the torrenting website operates a frequently upgraded blog site and has a friendly neighborhood.
That’s not all; it likewise features a detailed FAQs area with all the answers many would have about the website and how to use it.

On the disadvantage, you will experience some advertisements and pop-ups, however an excellent adblocker or VPN can take care of that. Likewise, as hinted earlier, it isn’t accessible (obstructed by the authorities) in many countries such as the U.S.A and Australia, India, and Britain. Nevertheless, there are several other Kickass alternatives that you can use, for this reason you would not be missing a thing.

4. ZeTorrents.


If you wish for a website that provides you great deals of video games, films, and music, then look no more than ZeTorrents. The gush tracker has a streamlined style that results in high performance. Also, it includes more than 12,000 films, with a big section of it solely dedicated to documentary movies.
The platform allows you to look for your preferred games, TELEVISION programs, albums, music ebooks, and apps quickly. Besides, you will likewise be able to check out popular torrents.

On top of that, it includes a ‘trending’ list (at the bottom of the page) where you can stay out trending content if you fancy some inspiration. Like the majority of the other Cpasbien alternative websites on the list, ZeTorrents is generally for a French-speaking audience.
The torrenting platform hides torrent links behind URL shorteners provided as ads.

5. MonTorrent.


MonTorrent is another quality replacement for Cpasbien. Although the website an outdated style, it boasts an excellent gushes collection. Among the advantages of this website is its well-established database featuring a number of French movies and series.

This gush platform likewise draws in many visitors monthly, evidence of its outstanding service. But while MonTorrent draws in more than 54,000 visitors each month, it takes a bit more time to let you download gushes.

6. Gk Torrent.

Gk Torrent

Gk Gush is another great alternative website to Cpasbien. The website is explicitly for a French-speaking audience; hence it uses numerous film recommendations and enables you to download any film of your option with just a couple of clicks.

What we liked the greatest about is its large movie collection. The site also uses the latest TELEVISION shows, apps, eBooks, PC games, consoles, software, TV series, and so on. It has a basic layout, and the search bar makes things even more breeze. Simply click on the category you want to download or input the title in the search box.
It permits users to search for content via two categories– the most recent additions and leading 100 characters.

7. NexTorrent.


It is 1 of the most visited & oldest alternatives to Cpasbien. initially came to light in 2018 and has grown to turn into one of the most popular French torrenting sites. Like other French gush sites, it includes a well-kept portfolio of P2P material. The website examines its torrent files before publishing; this makes sure users only get premium content they can trust.

Its easy style ensures you can easily discover your method around the website, while its high-speed downloads make torrenting fun. It has no registration requirement, which is an enormous relief for those who do not like to go through such ceremonies.
The website attracts approximately 2.4 million visitors monthly, an additional testimony to its high character.

8. Elite Tracker.

Elite Tracker

Elite Tracker is 1 of the top, most significant, and a lot of visited french torrent trackers. It bears details of Cpasbien thus; you can also get Cpasbien information from the site. Users can only get to the platform upon invite. Elite Tracker uses just top-notch videos such as Blu-ray and HD, a feature that is suitable for home entertainment on a larger screen.

The tracker admins want users to share their data before inducting them into the site community. Failure to do so will occur in being tossed out of the website. It boasts approximately 930,000 visitors monthly, a number big enough to inform you it’s a fantastic alternative to the Cpsabien site.
Unfortunately, like along with other French torrent trackers that decreased recently, Elite Tracker is likewise not offered on its original address (elite-tracker. net) currently.

9. QCTorrent.


This site is a personal French tracker that uses many French TELEVISION series, games, Apps, eBooks, films, and music. These contents are downloadable at super-fast speed. All contents are organized and filtered utilizing numerous selection criteria such as category. Also check bgtorrentz unblock.

To access the QCTorrent Gush site, one will require to open an account, after which you will likewise need to pay. Another suggests of accessing is by getting an invite by a member. The website has more than 444,000 users, a good number for a paid or invite-only gush platform.

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