Understand Why Buying Your Bike Insurance Online Is Beneficial

A person riding a bike is exposed to greater risk and danger than a person seated in a car. Thus, it is important for them to buy bike insurance whenever they purchase a new bike, to safeguard themselves and their bike. If you, unfortunately, meet with an accident, you need not worry about the damage to your bike with a bike insurance. Moreover, it is comparatively convenient and profitable to buy bike insurance online. Want to know how? Find below a few advantages of buying bike insurance online:

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1. Compare Bike Insurance

While buying bike insurance online, you can make a fair comparison amongst different insurance plans. You can compare their features, advantages, disadvantages, terms and conditions, premium amount, etc., before choosing the best one for yourself.

2. Unbiased Information

When you search for appropriate bike insurance online, you can access a huge amount of information that enables you to opt for the best insurance plan. Whereas, if you buy insurance offline, usually an agent or broker is involved, trying to convince you to buy insurance from the company to which he is associated, that might not be appropriate  for you.

3. Convenience in Buying and Renewing

While sitting at home, you can easily compare and buy bike insurance online. It saves time and effort that you need to invest if you choose to buy insurance offline. Also, you can pay your premium amounts and renew the insurance policy without any delay.

4. Save Transaction Amount

If you choose to buy bike insurance online, you can save a considerable transaction amount, which you will have to otherwise pay to the agent/broker. You can directly buy bike insurance from the company and save unnecessary transaction charges. If you face any problem during the process, you can reach out to the customer care executive.

5. Payment Security

Most credible insurance companies enable you to pay safely via secured payment mode, like mobile banking or internet banking. You can easily pay and generate a receipt that you will receive on your registered mobile number or email id.

6. Minimal Documentation

When you sign up for bike insurance online, you can save yourself from huge paperwork, which is otherwise required. You just need to upload the scanned copies of your basic documents and fill in information about your bike wherever needed. If you apply offline, you might require a number of photocopies and other documents.

7. Keep Your Information Personal

While applying for the insurance online, as you handle the process on your own, your information is kept personal and safe as the whole procedure is just between you and your insurance company. Otherwise, you might have to share all your information with the agent or broker.

8. Flexibility To Make Amendments

If you want to make any amendments to your policy, you can simply fill in a form available on the insurance company’s website, and the process will be initiated. This is usually a hassle-free process, and the changes are made automatically.

9. 24*7 Assistance

While you apply for the bike insurance online, you can leverage assistance at any time. You can mail them your query or give them a call for a clear and better understanding on the issue you are facing.

Though the convenience of buying bike insurance online was available previously as well, post-pandemic, a fair percentage of people have shifted to online mode. As it saves you a considerable cost and allows you to make an unbiased decision based on your research, it is recommended to buy bike insurance online.

Credible insurance providers like TATA AIG have a distinguished record of good claim settlement ratio and provide its clients with the appropriate insurance policy as per their requirement. They help you in making an informed decision and avail maximum insurance benefits at a competitive cost.

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