5+ Best Voice Changer Apps during Call 2023 [Android and IPhone]

voice changer while calling

This post will explain voice changer while calling. In previous post, we went over on 10 Best Voice Recorder Apps for IPhone 2023: Record Lectures, music, or other noise and you can pick any apps for this purpose. Here, we are going to gone over on 5+ Best Voice Changer Apps throughout Call 2021 and you can try any apps from list to make your buddy seem like they dialed a wrong number or talking with somebody else. Let’s begins the discussion.

5+ Best Voice Changer Apps during Call 2023 [Android and IPhone]

In this article, you can know about voice changer while calling here are the details below;

What is Voice Changer Apps?

Voice Changer Apps are the software offers you can alter pitch or tone of your voice on your device. Some Voice Changer Software offers you can change pitch or tone your voice during voice call. There are numerous applications of this type are offered for your Android and IPhone on Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively, offers you alter or modulate your voice while you are on a call.

How do I alter my voice from male to female?

If you are an expert voice artist and able to alter your male voice to female voice, then it will be simple to prank with your good friends over the call and I believe they can’t understand actually who you are. By doing this, you can prank over phone calls.

Nevertheless, altering male voice to female voice, to kid voice, alien type voice, celebrity voice or other tone/pitch of voices are difficult job unless you are an expert voice artist. So, you can attempt some Voice Changer Apps uses choice to alter your male voice to female and to other pitches/tone.

How to Change my voice During a Phone call?

Once again, we can state that if you are expert voice artist and then it will not be complex job for you to make voice like celebrity, kids, woman, politicians and/or other change voice to any pitch/tone of voices over the phone call.
Nevertheless, you can also try some Voice Changer Apps to alter your voices during telephone call immediately. These apps provide you to change your voices, include any sound to the call, include background music/voice, and these apps can quickly be downloaded/installed in your phones.

For instance, ‘MagicCall’– The Voice Changer App offers you can alter voice throughout call. It enables you can use female voice changer, kid voice changer, carton voice changer, etc throughout phone call. It is cheapest method to make funny call and offers you to evaluate your voice prior to making call. Let’s take a look at list of Voice Changer Apps. Also check apps to watch movies with friends.

5+ Best Voice Changer Apps throughout Call 2021

1: ‘Call Voice Changer’– Change your Voice in Real-Time

voice changer while calling

If you are trying to find Best Voice Changer Apps on the internet which uses to alter voice during Call or phone call, then you can use Call Voice Changer app on your Android gadget. You can utilize this app to laugh at with someone over telephone call by changing tone or pitch of your voice.

This app uses you can include insane sound effects next time you are on the phone. According to developers, it is funniest app worldwide this category and offers you include effects to your voice in real time while you do on phone call. It likewise uses you can apply effects like cuckoo clock, bells, airhorn, and so on

2: ‘MagicCall’– Voice Changer App during Phone Call


MagicCall is android app readily available on Google Play Store. It has several voices support consisting of female voice changer, kid voice changer, Halloween style background, celeb voice changer, male voice changer, girl voice changer, seem like Kim Kardashian, etc

This Voice Changer App offers you can alter your voice to these voices over telephone call to laugh at with your good friends on call. Nevertheless, you have to register this app prior to usage for phone calling.

3: ‘FunCalls’– Voice Changer App for Android


FunCalls is android app readily available on Google Play Store uses you can trick your buddies by altering your voice throughout telephone call. It uses you to alter your voice from high and amusing to deep and frightening voices.
This application offers to play amusing recorded noises during a real-time conversation. You are enabled to alter your voice to Helium Balloon, amusing sound, man noise (low pitch voice), frightening sound (very low pitch voice), regular noise (Your natural voice).

This Voice Changer Apps offers you can alter background sounds to 10 different voices available throughout phone call. However, you can share your taped call to others with simply one tap.

4: ‘Call Voice Changer’– Voice Changer with Effects

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer is another one of the Best Voice Changer Apps throughout Call in this list uses you can change your voice in real-time and add crazy sound effects the next time you are on the phone. It features you can alter different homes of your voice like element, pitch, shift, size, and so on
. You are also permitted to include echo results, change the speed, and so on. This app offers you fill your own music to include your voice on it.

5: ‘PrankDial’ for Android and IPhone


PrankDial is app available for both Android and IPhone developed by Kickback. This app is one of Best Voice Changer Apps throughout Call in this list uses you alter your voice throughout phone calls. This app can be a terrific method to prank your contacts as this uses pre-recorded declarations.
This app offers you can select from hundreds of tricks and get free calls every day. It includes brand-new trick circumstances regularly. You can get this app in your Android and IPhone from Google Play Store and Apple App Store respectively.

6: ‘Live Voice Changer– PrankCall’

Live Voice Changer

Live Voice Changer- PrankCall is another IPhone Voice Changer Apps in this list offers to make prank calls. This app comes with simple function of transforming your voice and taping it. It has an exciting variety like Tomcat, Squirrel, and Darth Vader, to pick the voice.
It is real-time call voice converter app with 11 voice changer results, 15 revert impacts of using with plug-in-Mic and enables you to share voice recordings on social networks.

7: ‘Call Voice Changer– Allogag’

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer– Allogag is readily available for both Android and IPhone, can be utilized throughout phone calls. It includes make free calls to prank somebody from your Smartphone throughout call. This app uses you to preview the voice prior to calling and provides numerous sound effects for background throughout call that can be added.

This app includes keep altering your voice during call several times and earn free credits to utilize the function on voice changer app throughout phone call.


I hope this post assisted you on 5+ Best Voice Changer Apps throughout Call 2023 for Android and IPhone also look into best free voice recorder apps. You can pick any app from the list for this function. If this post actually helped you, then you can share this post with others to help them. That’s all. For any tips or questions, please write on remark box listed below.

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