How To Send And Check Voicemails On Android

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How To Send And Check Voicemails On Android will be described in this article. All you need to know about apps for sending and checking voicemails on Android with additional information on visual voicemails to boot! Sending or listening to voicemails on your Android is a matter of few clicks.  Anyone can utilize the facility on their devices using some of the best voicemail apps available on Google PlayStore. Below, we have discussed voicemail technology along with its benefits and usage in general scenarios. You will also learn about the steps for sending and checking voicemails on your Android devices.

How To Send And Check Voicemails On Android

In this article, you can know about How To Send And Check Voicemails On Android here are the details below;

Additionally, here is a curated list of voicemail mobile apps designed specifically for the same purpose, with a sneak peek at them in the table below!

Voicemails are a great way of communicating concerns with an individual or a business front. I often compared its feasibility against audio messages on social apps until realizing the broad aspects behind its usage at specific junctures.

Android technology has evolved rapidly. Thus, along with its multi-functional features, the voicemail system also gives a unique experience to both the creator and the listener. So, without further ado, let’s get you all set up for recording!

What is Voicemail?

What is Voicemail

Voicemail is associated with phone numbers, which means you need a valid contact number for using this service. You can activate it on your phone number as an instructional message when a call goes unattended.

Voicemail has been in use for a long time, and Android phones allow setting up this audio🔉 message in a few steps. You can record a greeting message in your voice and let the callers know that, due to some specific reason, you are unable to pick up the call.

On the other hand, the caller can leave a short audio message after listening to the voicemail’s information. This will be sent to the receiver’s mailbox or mobile notification.

Interestingly, the voicemail feature works both ways, as the individual who enables this service records an audio message as well as the caller. As when the call is not answered, the voicemail listener can also record their voice message to inform the recipient.

Visual Voicemail

Most of the latest Androids have the Visual Voicemail system. With this, it becomes easy to check all the message alerts in a sequential manner. A more striking feature is that it also generates the transcript of the audio content.

Thus, you can conveniently note down the critical information in the message. Additionally, this system provides detailed information about the voicemail message, such as the sender’s name, mobile number, time, date, and length of audio file.

Are Voicemails Different from Traditional Phone Calls and Texts?

Absolutely! There is a vast difference between a voicemail and phone calls or texts. People often confuse and equate voicemails to text messaging or direct phone calls, while the fact is they are totally different features.

Here is a brief chart showing the dissimilarities among these services, while the only notable similarity is they are accessible through mobile phones (Android/ iOS).

As you can see, voicemails are short audio messages either sent or activated on personal phone numbers, but are not conversational in nature. While phone calls can be long or short, they require acceptance from the other side for continuation, and texts are worded content.

Situations When Voicemail Becomes Relevant

Situations When Voicemail Becomes Relevant

Voicemail is an essential feature for both an organization and an individual. There are optimal situations when you find them valuable and productive instead of making a direct call or sending texts. These are most often used in professional fronts. When an organization wants to inform potential employees about the recruitment, they can certainly leave a short reminder. And vice-versa, the candidates can send reminders to the recruiters for the interview results.

You can also send voicemails about appreciation, wishes, condolences, societal notifications, etc., when you try connecting, but the person is unavailable to attend the call.

In a similar way, these are also effective for business managers who can activate this service on their mobile numbers. This will help potential clients and other influential individuals to leave a note on an issue and not have to worry about the best time to call.

There are many similar situations when you can apply the voicemail service. It is the best way to keep people from being neglected by reverting them to voicemail alerts. Let’s discuss some of its benefits.

Benefits of Using Voicemail on Android

Benefits of Using Voicemail on Android

Setting up a voicemail system on your Android device has numerous benefits. Here, I have discussed some critical ones. The most apparent advantage of voicemail is that you do not have to switch off your mobile during weekends or off-times. Just by activating the service, you can miss the call and allow the caller to leave a message. This will let you know the real issue behind the call, and connect the person eventually, depending upon the need.

It is suitable for creating a perception that you are always present to help people by listening to their queries, with no limitation of time slots. In this way, it reduces the need to receive all the calls or stay at the desk.

It is often the best way to send private information. Especially between the client and the business head when the call is not received, and confidential details cannot be disclosed to the receptionist or assistants.

Sending voicemail does make an authoritative impact on the receiver, as against text messages or even audio/video files.

Such notifications summarize the possibility of important information, and receivers tend to retrieve them with intent.

Steps of Sending and Checking Voicemail on Android

Sending and checking the voicemail is a seamless process, though it is equally essential to note down the steps of setting up the system first. Therefore, if you go through the method given below to learn about enabling voicemail on your Android.

1. How to Setup Voicemail on Android?

How to Setup Voicemail on Android

Step 1. Pick your Android mobile and go to the Phone app.

Pick your Android mobile and go to the Phone app.

Step 2. Click on the menu control & scroll down to open the “Settings” option.

Click on the menu button and scroll down to open the “Settings” option

Step 3. Find and hit the “Voicemail” option. This option might be named and placed similarly, depending on the mobile manufacturer.

 Find and hit the “Voicemail” option

Step 4. Here, you only need to check the service provider or carrier and set a voicemail number. This number can be your or any other mobile number. At the same time, you should remember that the message reverted by the caller will be sent to the contact number that you will set in this section.

Step 5. Once you set the number, a message window notifies you of the change in number.

Once you set the numbe

Step 6. Now go to the number keypad on the phone app, and press & hold the “1” number key that has voicemail symbol for a few seconds.

 Now go to the number keypad on the phone app

Step 7. Immediately, the phone makes a call to the voicemail. You will get a password to enter during the call.

Step 8. According to the instructions on the call, speak your name on the call, followed by the message you wish to give to the callers after their calls get missed. Now, your voicemail command is set for the callers.

1. How to Send Voicemail on Android?

Sending a voicemail is accessing some other person’s voicemail services because while sending, you are actually proceeding with the person’s instructions on their voicemail after the call is not answered.

Step 1. Take your Android mobile and open the Phone app.

Step 2. Find and call someone from your contacts or dial a number, and wait till the call completes.

Step 3. When the person does not pick up the call until the ring completes, it will go to the voicemail.

Step 4. The voicemail will give the audio message recorded or prompted by that person, and after the beep, you can record whatever you want to say.

Step 5. After recording the message, you can end the Call.

This will send your recorded voicemail to the person, and they can check.

How to Check the Voicemail on Android?

Androids have a similar way of accessing the voicemails received on the mobile device. Two prominent methods to check it is through notification, and through the keypad. In contrast, you can also check out some suitable applications to manage these messages.

3. Checking Voicemail Through Notifications

Checking Voicemail Through Notifications

Step 1. Unlock your Android mobile and slide down from the top of the screen to check the notifications.

Step 2. As you see a voicemail notification, tap on it to listen to the message.

The process will play the voicemail in the Phone app.

4. Checking Voicemail Through Keypad

Step 1. Open the Number Keypad section on the Phone app.

Checking Voicemail Through Keypad

Step 2. Long press the “1” number key to initiate the voicemail call.

Now, you will be able to listen to the voicemails.

5. Send and Check Voicemail Via Mobile Apps

Here are some of the best voicemail apps for Android that serve the purpose of voicemail management. Also check Best FPS Counter Apps For Windows 10

Google Voice

Google Voice

With more than 10 million global downloads, Google Voice is among the most preferred voicemail solutions on PlayStore. You can download the app on smartphone and also install its web version on your PC for seamless usage.


  • Google provides a separate number for making calls, sending text messages, and even voicemails called Google voice number.
  • You can install the app on all your devices (computers, tabs, and mobiles) and sync the data to use it comfortably in office or home systems.
  • It is free, and the user only needs to have a personal Google Account to access the services. While in many other countries, the Google Workspace accounts are also supported.
  • The tech support team is always active in the customer support section. They regularly try to revert the customers with assurance to resolve any technical issue as soon as possible.


  • It shares the user’s personal information (Address) with third parties.
  • Google accesses a lot of data from the devices to offer its services. Many users may become conscious since they collect data related to personal media files, app interactions, financial info, etc.
  • Though being popular, the Voice app service is still not available in many nations Worldwide.
  • The voicemail transcription facility saves your time to check all the messages. This application also allows the user to answer calls from any of the linked devices, or they may choose to keep only one of them for the incoming call facility.

YouMail Spam Block & Voicemail

YouMail Spam Block & Voicemail

YouMail Spam Block & Voicemail is not just a voicemail management application, since it is also capable of blocking unwanted spam or robo calls on your phone number. It offers a visual solution to manage voicemail messages, but you can depend on it to put away the scammers from your device.


  • They commit to not sharing any information with other organizations.
  • The support team takes care of customer’s issues and ensures to revert with an explanation in due time.
  • It offers a visual voicemail system on a free version, and you can use it on any device.
  • The application is capable of blocking spam voicemails as well.
  • You can ask your callers to join the free conference call.
  • With more than 13 million users in the community, they have managed to block about one million robocalls, which is a huge number. Thus, it protects your device and privacy.
  • Their effective caller ID system lets you know who’s calling, while you can also utilize the auto-attendant.


  • The YouMail app is not entirely free, as many useful functions are only unlocked for premium buyers.
  • Some users may avoid signing the app due to the compulsion of accessing photos and videos on the device.
  • I often forget to view the messages, and face difficulty in dealing with alerts if the notifications slide away by chance.
  • On a positive note, they have started a community system to legally stop spammers with the help of common feedback, which also empowers law enforcement efforts.

My Visual Voicemail

My Visual Voicemail

My Visual Voicemail connects with your network carrier to provide access to voicemails. You won’t be able to use it on desktops since it doesn’t have a web version, but the mobile app has a user-friendly interface.


  • There is a facility to listen to the voicemail messages in any order. You can manage them directly without opening the messages.
  • Responding to the messages is quick and easy.
  • My Visual Voicemail facilitates creating voicemail greeting messages, by allowing the user to record a three minutes long audio.
  • The app commits not to share any user data with third-party organizations for advertisements.
  • It does not collect personal file data from the mobile except contacts, messages, and device details.


  • This app does not have a web version. So, you can only use it with your smartphone.
  • Often, users face issues related to app connectivity, usage, and interface for file sorting.
  • The app is not free, and users need to buy a premium version to get an audio transcription facility.
  • Users can quickly jump to the messages and play them, while reading the transcription alongside, if the app supports the audio language. You can also record a greeting message or change the greeting name at any time with a few clicks.

Visual Voicemail & Missed Call

Visual Voicemail & Missed Call

Visual Voicemail & Missed Call is launched by Kirusa Inc. under the name of InstaVoice mobile app for managing user’s voicemails and missed calls. It is a free-to-use application and is supported in about 46 countries around the world.


  • You can control the voicemails and missed calls from one place.
  • The app allows connecting multiple phone numbers in a single app.
  • Signing up with the mobile number and configuring the services is easy.
  • There are separate sections for voicemails, missed calls, and chats to avoid the complexity of usage.
  • You can send audio, texts, or images while chatting.
  • You can even send chat messages to friends who do not use the InstaVoice application.
  • The app will provide storage of unlimited information, even after you change your carrier.
  • The missed call section will also contain the alerts when your device was switched off.
  • You might have wrongly sent voicemails, texts, audio, or images, but the withdraw feature allows deleting them from the recipient’s device, too.

By now, they claim to have managed more than 100 billion calls for 100+ million global active users. You will be happy to use this interactive chat-like user interface, working alongside you as a virtual assistant.


  • No information is available about user’s data safety and security.
  • They have not created a desktop version for managing the voicemail/ missed call alerts.
  • The voice-to-text feature is only available in US, UK, and Canada.

AT&T Visual Voicemail

AT&T Visual Voicemail

AT&T Visual Voicemail app has reached over 10 million global downloads with a 3+ ⭐rating. It is the world’s largest telecom brand and holds credibility in delivering the best services to customers. Also check Emoji Apps


  • The support team is regularly available to help the users in setting up the Visual Voicemail.
  • The web portal of AT&T provides brand and model-specific tutorials for setting up the voicemail application.


  • It collects all your voice recordings from the device and shares it along with device details and phone numbers to the third part companies.
  • You cannot access the voicemails on any other device other than your smartphone.
  • You can listen to the voicemails in any specific order while also reading the transcription of the audio. You can simultaneously delete the unwanted messages, save the critical ones, or make a quick call to the number.

My Take: Accessing Voicemail on Android

Voicemail is an authentic way of communicating the information when it is not possible to personally connect with the person. Androids have made it seamless to use the voicemail system, whether you have to set up a greeting message👋 or check the messages.

However, there are a few useful voicemail mobile apps available in PlayStore that simplify reviewing the notifications while offering many other useful functionalities.

Google Voice is the best choice for voicemail management, especially if you need a separate voicemail number. On the other hand, YouMail is a credible app for protection from spammers. AT&T is a high-standard brand in telecom and is reliable for managing voicemails.

You may also try other applications depending on your requirements, such as managing missed call alerts or being unwilling to provide personal data access to the app. Next up, learn how to keep your voicemail secure from vishing attacks and which spam blocking apps can help you do so.

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