Want to rock your college semester? These 6 Apps can help you

Once you enter college you will reckon that things function at a different pace, here. College is where you actually make your career and trust me, it’s LOT more than just attending classes.

From occasional workshops to weekend volunteering, partying with friends to going out on dates, submitting assignments on time to learning new things on short vacations, there is a lot these young learners need to put up with.

So, why not make the best use of technology and make your college life much more interesting and fun. Not only will it make it easier but also a lot more memorable. So below, I have rounded up a list of applications you must have on your smartphones!

  1. EasyBib – To cover your citations

Don’t worry, here on, citations in your college projects will not break your spirit. Novices might not know but Citations can really give you a tough time through college. Well, not anymore. EasyBiB will generate citations in MLA, for free.

Not only will it check the grammar of your text but will also detect plagiarism, conscious or unconscious. However, the free version will not offer plagiarism detection, you can always pick the premium or paid version at 10$ a month.

  1. Grammarly – To keep your English top-notch

The name itself suggests the usage of this app – to ensure zero grammatical errors in your assignments or submissions. In degree colleges, there is going to be a lot of essay and comprehension writing u can use a plagiarism checker for education to make your content unique.

Even if English is not the subject you wish to master, you do not want to lose out on the grades or want to be pointed in front of the entire class for stupid grammatical errors. This application also has various versions, some paid for and some unpaid. Explore the pros and cons and pick the version that suits you the best, despite it being paid or not.

  1. ViewPDF – To help you convert your documents to PDF format

PDFs are a standard format to read notes, assignments, and research papers provided by the college. It enables ease in reading in comparison to other formats like XLS, PPT, and others. ViewPDF is an awesome online pdf tools solution which helps you convert normal other formats to PDFs, easily and efficiently. PDFs also refrain anyone else to edit any of your documents and thus prevents forgery.

  1. TED – To nurture your ideas

Inspired by Ted Talks itself, this application is a blessing for those students who are looking for new ideas and inspirations. Stuck with a project or an assignment? Don’t worry TED has got you covered. It will inspire and enlighten you all over again with new ideas and topics. But, be aware the topics are endless. You don’t want to be lost in the sea.

  1. Doulingo – To help you learn new languages

You might want to learn a new language for studying abroad or it can be a requirement for a specific course you want to pursue or it can simply be just out of pleasure, Doulingo is the best application for learning new languages.

Not only is it quick and easy to learn, but what makes it one of a kind is the fact that it offers someone overdue practice they need. This includes comprehensions, a built-in dictionary for your vocabulary as well as, scheduled reminders to practice.

  1. CliffsNotes – To guide you with book summaries

Certainly, a book has no substitute and your first preference must always be reading the books provided in your curriculum.

You don’t necessarily have to replace your books but you can definitely reinforce them with book summaries that CliffsNotes has to offer. It will not only help you understand the chapters better but also give you an edge over the others. But, remember teachers and professors know all the tricks. So never try and use it in place of your homework.

Over to you…

Your college life is going to stay with you all your life. Make the most out of it – both academically and socially. Check if your college has a customized app combining all the lectures and assignments in one place. The technology is changing the education sector at a pace none of us imagined. So, keep yourself updated.

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