Water Filters And Purifiers Are Very Necessary In Every Kitchen

Water is very essential for human beings. Human body is largely made up of water. Water is used for drinking, making tasty food, bathing, and washing clothes. Rivers and seas are the perennial sources of water but the water from the sources is not fit for drinking. It contains harmful microbes’ chemicals and bacteria which are the cause of many diseases. The water should be purified before drinking. Earlier water was purified by boiling and adding chlorine to water but nowadays many types of water purifiers and filters are available in the market. These water filters work on a effective principle remove harmful pathogens and microbes from the water. They have become a necessity in every kitchen. People should know about these purifiers before buying them from the market.

Good water purifier in India cleans water making it free from chlorine and bacteria which are the cause of many diseases. It removes an unpleasant odor from water hence making it fit for drinking. It removes harmful components from the water which could not be removed simply by boiling. It filters almost all the impurities from tap water. It even filters impurities like clay lead, chlorine sand and silt. It is helpful in making the hard water soft by removing calcium and magnesium salts from water. The hard water is very harmful for health and it does not help in cleaning the body efficiently. The water purifiers remove lead and chlorine from the water as they are very dangerous for skin.
Water purifier has following components which help in removing harmful chemicals from the tap water.

Filter which is made up of sediment is present in water purifiers to trap small particles including dust and other impurities like calcium carbonate. A filter which is again made up of sediment with pores which are smaller in size than the first sediment filter to remove small pollutants mixed in water. A filter which is made up of carbon helps to trap chemicals and filters chlorine, bacteria and fungi. It also removes the particles that are not removed by the reverse osmosis membrane. Reverse osmosis membrane is a thin film which gives a better purification. There is a UV lamp which neutralizes microbes that escape filtering by reverse osmosis membrane.

The dissolved chlorine in water is very harmful for health as it may be a cause for many dreadful diseases. The water filters and purifiers remove chlorine from water in a very efficient manner.

People should be aware of various water purifiers available in the market as most of the purifiers are working on the same principle. A good purifier is the one which does. Water purifiers have become a must in all schools, hospitals, business houses, shops, and restaurants. A good purifier does not remove essential vitamins and minerals which are necessary for the growth of the body. It should be affordable. The water purifiers are purchased according to the requirement of the family. These water purifiers are available according to the strength of the members who are present in a building to drink safe water.

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