Ways to Stop Facebook and Other Sites from Tracking You

Do you fed up with disturbing ad recommendations on your social media feed? Are you concerned about safeguarding your online privacy and enhancing your level of protection? Here are some ways to stop Facebook and other entities from tracking your online activities.

It’s common for corporations to keep a tab on our online behavior when we browse the internet. Practically every site we visit operates tracking methods like browser fingerprinting, cookies, or account tracking to keep an eye on our activities and save our information. These tools allow websites to observe our online activity and gather insights into our behavior.

Social media sites are known for their reputation for monitoring users’ actions to suggest products, pages, and even other users. Although viewing advertisements for items you were considering purchasing can be convenient, it might not be sensual to have a site gather every detail about you. Therefore, it’s crucial to take steps and use anti-tracking tools to protect your online security. Otherwise, corporations will keep using your confidentiality for their own benefit.

Can social media platforms track my activities?

Every social media platform monitors your online activity, and this article demonstrates how extensively you can be tracked if you don’t take precautions. Unfortunately, without sufficient protection, your internet privacy will be surprisingly limited. Despite the fact that all sites engage in internet spying, some corporations take it to a challenging level.

Facebook, a commonly used social media platform, has an obvious tracking system. Besides tracking your online activity to recommend purchases, they also track your location and gather data when you “login with Facebook” feature on different websites.

What’s more, Facebook can still track your online activities even when you’re not using the app.  It’s quite disturbing, isn’t it? Facebook can track almost everything you do online, and limited legal barriers exist to stop them. To address this issue, here are some steps to prevent Facebook from tracking your online activities.

Different ways to prevent Facebook from tracking you

Facebook’s privacy settings are tricky and difficult to understand due to the various user tracking methods. You must navigate to Profile and Tagging page to fully modify your privacy preferences which can be accessed from the top right corner of your profile page.

Below are detailed guidelines on how to prevent some of the most interfering privacy breaches by Facebook.

The following are ways to restrict the information gathering by Facebook and its affiliates.

  • To remove an app from Facebook, follow these steps; Go to the top right of the Facebook homepage and press the downward arrow. Then select “Settings & Privacy” and go to “Settings.” Next, select “Apps and Websites” then “Active.” Finally, click the checkbox next to the app’s name and choose “Remove.”

Here’s the way to stop Facebook from tracking you:

  • Go to “Privacy” in your “settings,” then select “Location Services” and choose “Facebook.” You can choose either “Never” or “While Using the App” options.

Learn how to prevent Facebook from tracking your online activity on other apps and websites!

  • To remove the information that Facebook has already kept, follow these steps: Press the downward arrow at the upper-right corner of the Facebook homepage, then go to “Settings & Privacy,” “Privacy Shortcuts,” and select “Clear Your Off-Facebook Activity.”
  • Disable the “Future Off-Facebook Activity” button to stop upcoming tracking attempts.

How to remain private and safe on social media?

To enhance your online privacy, adjusting your privacy settings and disabling Facebook’s tracking feature is crucial. Nevertheless, this feature only temporarily solves the online tracking issue. In reality, the most effective way to safeguard your privacy while operating the internet is to completely remove your Facebook and similar accounts.

We know the importance of social media in our lives and realize that you may not like to completely remove it. Fortunately, with the benefit of a tool like Privacy Bee, you can still enjoy the advantages of the internet and social media platforms while remaining safe.

You can use any tool you choose, but we recommend Privacy Bee. It is known as the leading service for protecting customer privacy, providing a range of features to protect you and your close ones. It’s clear that virtually all websites are engaged in some extent of tracking, and there are rarely governmental rules to safeguard you. As a result, it’s necessary to have an advocate who can fight for your privacy rights.

A tool like Privacy Bee plays an important role in this context. While browsing the internet, it allows you to manage the movement of your data and modify your privacy settings according to your preferences with its proactive strategy. You have the liberty to decide which companies to have to trust and which ones you don’t, which means you’re no longer subject to the control of every site you visit.

Privacy Bee offers a free privacy inspection to help you enhance your online privacy. You can easily modify your privacy settings with the help of Privacy Bee, ensuring secure browsing for you and your close ones. You can fix any privacy issues you face with the help of a security tool such as Privacy Bee.

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