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What are the Benefits of Animation and CGI in Business


If you’ve been keeping up with ads, promotional material, and online presence of various businesses over the last few years, you’ll find that animation and CGI are becoming much more commonplace. It is hard to find a picture ad online that doesn’t have CGI in it, and it is much harder to visit a business website that doesn’t have smooth animation. This trend is happening for a reason — there are various advantages to using animation and CGI produced by agencies like Mimeeq, and we’ll go through them in this article.

#1 It is Sound Investment

If a lot of businesses are spending a considerable amount of resources on adding CGI and animation to their website, it is probably because they are a sound investment choice. And looking at independent studies and data show that the quality of the animation and design correlates with the number of revenues a business makes, and those businesses who adopt new technologies and concepts sooner will be able to make more money.

These are all reasons why it can be quite a sound investment to use CGI and animation. But these are all information based on averages and medians, and it doesn’t speak to your specific use case, so there’s no guarantee the same techniques will work for you. That’s why you need to do independent research and verify for yourself if CGI and animation work for your business or not:

One of the best ways to test whether it is a sound investment or not is through A/B testing. Add CGI and animation to a small part of your business ecosystem: ads, websites, promotional material, etc. and compare and contrast it with a performance before you added these elements. You can calculate if the investment was worth it or not through this.

#2 It Helps You Build Your Brand and Stand Out

Grabbing potential consumers’ attention and ensuring they keep your business in mind is one of the most profitable things you can do as a business. Sadly, it isn’t cheap, and a ton of businesses use a lot of gimmicky tactics to go about this without much success.

One assured way you can increase brand recognition and make your business stand out online is through professional CGI and animation. A lot of businesses still have old looking websites that look really unprofessional, with the help of CGI, you can easily surpass them in style and design and ensure potential clients remember you and your website not your competitors.

#3 It Allows You to Diversify and Target New Demographics

By using CGI and animation, you can diversify your sources of revenue and target new demographics. You might be surprised to read this, but think about this: how many people are willing to read 2 pages about a small product they want to buy? This number is likely very small. Now, how many people are willing to view a small 10-second animation? How many are willing to read two sentences plastered on an ad with clear CGI? As you can see, these types of media appeal to different types of people, and by making full use of CGI and animation, you can target new demographics and diversify the income you generate away from a certain demographic of early adopters and go more mainstream.

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