What are the Different Types of Airpods?

When we talk about quality audio, airpods are the first things that come to our mind. This is because Apple has made a name for itself in the electronics industry. Apple is associated with the design and high-quality products. Airpods is a new invention as it has gone a step up from the earlier existing earphones and headphones. They also provide ease to the users as they are wireless. People around the globe have become fans of this invention of Apple. This is due to its design. Moreover, it is believed that people have appreciated this electronic product launched by Apple.

Airpods began in 2016 and the next version came into existence in 2019. Different types of airpods are there for the users to choose from. Bluetooth then establishes the connectivity between the airpods and the connected device. There is a charging case as well. Types of airpods may vary depending on their versions and specifications.

Different types of airpods

Airpods come in different types, that is, there are different types of airpodsThe main difference arose due to the modification and the improvements in the earlier version to improve customers’ experience and to provide a better quality product to customers. The following are the two different generations of airpods along with the features and specifications related to those generations of airpods. There also came a Pro version of airpods with a bit of advanced features and specifications.

Generation 1 of airpods

This was the initial version and type when airpods came into existence to provide customers with dynamic experience of hearing audio. In earlier times, people had become accustomed to earphones and headphones. So, Apple thought of something unique. Apple-designed a product to provide enhanced quality audio and named it airpods. It was launched at the special event of Apple, which is conducted annually. Apple’s iPhone 7 was also launched in this event only.

This type of airpods had a processor of W1 SoC. This processor improved the efficiency of the battery and improved the connection of audio. It also helps in establishing a connection with the Bluetooth. After these airpods are connected with another device, these can act as normal headphones, which use Bluetooth connectivity. This requires Bluetooth 4.0 or later versions to support the connectivity.

In airpods, two different microphones are there. One of the microphones is at the level of ear, which faces in the forward direction while the other microphone is at the bottom. Charging of airpods can last around five hours while the airpods are in use. There is a total time of 24 hours in which the charging case is used.

Generation 2 of Airpods

 This generation or this type of airpods came with upgraded features. The battery life has improved significantly. Its efficiency has increased manifold. Moreover, there have been rapid changes and modifications to improve the usability of the airpods. But there were not any significant changes to the original design of the airpods launched previously. This is so because people loved the design so much that the design was kept the same. Airpods of this generation are generally called as Airpods 2.

Airpods in this generation come in two variants – the normal airpods and the Airpods Pro. The advantages of Airpods Pro are that it is customizable; it has an advanced H1 chip, and it has a large battery life. This H1 chip is mainly used for providing advanced Bluetooth 5 connectivity, which is hands-free. Normal airpods also have similar features and specifications. Wireless charging case is there in both the variants.

This wireless charging came only in the second that is, the later generation of airpods. This has also fascinated customers. The wireless charging became a reality because changing the position of LED indicator, which is responsible for charging, to the outer portion. Since airpods 2 have the same design as airpods 1 (that is, the first generation airpods), these are available with the charging case that was used by airpods in generation 1. Such is the level of compatibility of airpods due to similar and unique designs of airpods.

What are the compatibility and support of airpods?

Devices have Bluetooth versions of at least 4.0, which help in the compatibility between the airpods and the device. Airpods are generally compatible with Android devices along with Apple devices. But certain features are only compatible with Apple devices. One such feature is automatic switching.

While we study about the support of airpods, they have a firmware, which is upgradable. 2C54 is the latest firmware being used. Apple provides service of battery of airpods and individual airpods can be replaced. Syncing is regularly done from the airpods automatically. This permits customers to change to different sources of audio so that audio is available on different devices using the identical Apple ID.

Fake airpods that look real

Several fake airpods look real.  But it is up to the customers whether to buy it or not. It appears that why would people buy fake airpods that look real but customers might not be aware of the fake airpods. They must be told about the original airpods so that they are not fooled by fake airpods that look real. There might be other people who are selling such airpods in the name of real airpods. It becomes the responsibility of customers to ensure that they find the original airpods.

Competitors in the industry

Industry providing access to audio connectivity between various devices has grown manifold. There was a time when technology companies ignored this industry. But today, there are several companies in the market, which have raised their bars from the normal earphones, and headphones to develop their wireless earbuds. Though such companies have come up with such innovative products in the market, but none could match the high quality and unique design of airpods. Such is the versatility of airpods that people usually look for this product when they reach the markets to buy electronic products.

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