What are the various study materials for students preparing for board exams and competitive exams?

Class 10th and Class 12th are one of the most crucial exams for a student. Class 10th is very important as they are the first competitive exams ever faced by students. The results of this exam play an important role in deciding the stream you would eventually take up after you finish your boards. On the other hand, 12th standard board exams help you decide your future course for a professional degree. You might choose to pursue a degree in engineering or medicine. This again depends on your score in class 12th as well. Along with it comes the pressure of excelling in JEE and NEET. JEE is extremely necessary to be able to secure an engineering seat in any prestigious college in India. NEET, on the other hand, is extremely important for students looking out to obtain a medical seat.

The exams might be for anything, but the pressure is all the same. Tackling with this pressure and yet scoring well is a battle in its own manner. It takes a lot to excel in any exam. It needs constant planning, unbiased dedication, persistence, and a little smart work along with hard work to be on top. You also tend to take various extra classes, numerous types of study materials and study hours together. In this article, we will discuss with you the various types of study materials you can use to enhance your exam preparations.

  • NCERT Solutions
    Recommended by CBSE itself, one of the most preferred books by students for the board exams are the NCERT solutions. The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organization of the Government of India. They provide study materials for all the subjects included in the CBSE syllabus. As it is recommended by the board itself, NCERT Solutions are the most reliable study resources for board exam preparation. They are made with simple and easy language for better understanding. Along with covering the fundamental concepts necessary in detail it also provides numerous exercises for the students to practice. By honestly studying these solutions, there is no doubt that one can clear the Board Exams with flying colors.
  • Revision notes
    Students often forget to prepare notes while studying. This leads to them often missing out on crucial topics while revising. There are numerous all-inclusive revision notes available online. Proper reliable revision notes on Maths, Physics, and Chemistry are available to enhance your study process. Getting these notes helps you to understand and revise your syllabus better.
  • Previous question papers
    Revising the whole syllabus is a must at this moment. Along with it, they should start focusing on solving previous question papers also. It gives an idea of the actual exam paper. These previous years’ question papers will give you an idea about the nature of questions that will be asked in the coming exams. It gives a clear picture of how the questions will be formed and about the pattern of the paper. It helps you in boosting up your speed and maintaining a level of calmness during exams.
  • Sample question paper
    Sample Paper allows you to study, practice, revise and get a proper overview of the board exam papers. This allows you to perform better with confidence in the exam. Solve as many sample papers as possible to make your exam an easy and stress-free process. Sample papers are prepared by subject matter experts, who can even help you in understanding the concepts in detail. These sample papers ensure that it questions all the angles of a concept.
  • Mock tests

Mock exams are the best way to figure out how you will perform in the actual examination. They question your conceptual understanding in both subjective as well as objective manner as it would be done in the actual examination. This gives you a real-time experience about how it feels to be in the exam hall. Another biggest advantage of mock tests is that it also assists in learning time-management. It teaches you to keep calm during exams and perform excellently to get better grades. By regular practice of mock tests, you will easily overcome your exam fears.

With a proper study plan, constant studying is not necessary to come out with flying colors in your board exams. All it needs is proper planning and consistent efforts to be able to achieve the same.  The easiest way to be able to get all of these online is to search the internet. Vedantu is a pioneer in LIVE online classes. But along with it, it provides NCERT Solutions for all the questions in the prescribed textbook. It also provides students with previous year question papers with solutions, various sample papers and numerous mock tests for the benefit of students. By solving them all, students can definitely score extremely well in their Board Examination with complete confidence.

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