What Can Casino Software Developer Microgaming Offer Gamers?


When it comes to gaming, there is a lot in common between video games played on consoles and classic iGaming. So much so, that casino software developers can actually influence games designers, and vice versa. This could be overt influence or just picking up on trends in the industry that casino developers have utilised first. One of the most prolific names in iGaming is Microgaming, who are responsible for a vast number of popular slots, revolutionary styles of poker and roulette, and some enduring franchises. So, what can casino software developer Microgaming offer gamers?

Variety of Games

As shows us, Microgaming casinos offer a wide range of different kinds of games. From franchise-based slot games, including Game of Thrones and Terminator, to popular games that have gained their own following in the iGaming industry such as Mega Moolah. There are also many different variants to classic table games, which help people find a niche within a niche.

Different gaming strategies benefit from different rules of roulette (11 different variants) or poker, for instance, so there is something for everyone to try. When it comes to video games, the most successful franchises are those which offer a multitude of different things to do within the game. For instance, Call of Duty has a multiplayer mode, a campaign mode and, as we have explained at, a zombie mini-game.

Live Casino

The development of live casino also helps Microgaming appeal to new players by showcasing something at the very forefront of technology. Being able to experience the tension and excitement of the casino by seeing a live dealer adds a different dimension to the traditional game.


Platform Variety

One of the reasons that Microgaming has been in the game for more than 20 years is that they are intensely adaptable within the gaming market. Namely, they have launched a range of mobile games that reflect the quality of their desktop-based titles. Their software is used by around 450 brands, who span the entire range of when and where people choose to engage with iGaming.

Being able to cater to mobile players is important and something that many video game developers have also embraced. For instance, Minecraft and Fortnite, two primarily desktop/console-based games, made sure they branched out into mobile to cater to the 51% of spending generated from mobile devices, according to

Advantage of Online Casino

Online casino does have the advantage over video gaming that most people already have the platforms that they launch their titles on. By contrast, consoles represent an expense: for a game to succeed and a player to engage with it, they will need to be convinced to buy the console. This is a barrier to entry for the industry, according to So, online casino is able to experiment with trends more easily.

Microgaming hasn’t created its reputation as one of the most prolific software developers for online casino by being mediocre. It ensures it offers gamers the best possible variety in games and adapts to the latest platforms. Finding what players want to engage with and offering it to them is the essence of Microgaming’s success. Video game developers are able to replicate this and take inspiration from Microgaming.

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