What Can You Do On A VTech Smart Watch?

The smartphone has revolutionised the way we live in a way we couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. Then came the smart watch, but has it been as big a success as was expected? In many ways, the answer is no, but it’s very likely that this is a market simply waiting to explode. There are currently a good number of smart watches to choose from, and the capability of each varies greatly.

Some are for iPhone only, others are Android smart watches, and others – such as the Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX that we are talking about here – are designed for kids. So, is it worth it? Let’s have a look at what it can do, and whether you’re sensible buying this for your kids or something else.

Is it a Real Smart Watch?

It’s a good starting question: the Kidizoom is a watch, and it has many smart features, but it is not a smart watch in the way we think of them. But that’s because it is aimed at kids between the ages of 4 and 9, with a view to getting them to use their brains in a more creative way. It comes in a variety of bright and breezy colours, which add to the fun element, and has a nice soft strap for comfort, and then there’s the built-in games.

The Kidizoom features a selection of standard games that come as part of the package. They are far from top quality, but for younger kids they are great fun. That’s the whole point of the watch: it is intended, as the makers maintain, as a fun educational tool that children will engage with. You get five games, three ‘activities’ and three action challenges. These include racing games, music games and more, and all are nicely placed to entertain the intended age group. If you read the review here you will learn more about the games and other features. It also has a selection of different clock faces, so is ideal for teaching children to tell the time.

Parental Controls

One factor that parents are always keen to know is what level of parental control a device such as this allows. To begin with, this is not an internet access watch, so you have no worries there. You can connect it via USB to a computer and upload or download information. Parents also have the option of setting how long the watch can be used for games and other functions each day – as little as half an hour is the lowest, and there are others if that is not enough.

If you want to stop a child playing with it when at school or elsewhere, you can do so remotely via an app. The one thing that we would have liked to see is a GPS feature – that would have allowed parents to see where their children were at all times – but at the price, perhaps it’s no surprise there is not one here.


The Kidizoom is a great little watch for kids on which you can play a variety of games – there is a section where new games and challenges are added that you can download regularly, too, so the child will not get bored – and also an excellent educational tool for children who are being taught to tell the time. It’s fun to look at and easy to use, and also comes with a camera that can be used for stills and video. If this is what you want for your kids, then it’s certainly worth checking out at a very reasonable price.

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