What is a coaching service in online games – who will benefit from it and what does it give

Online games are very popular in the gaming segment and constantly share the championship with single players. Many players who have ever tried to play MMOs stay in them forever – someone takes breaks, but interest in social projects will never let you go if you have at least once enjoyed playing with other players.

The best way to enjoy an MMO RPG is to know how to play it. When you feel your hero and deal good damage in PVP and PVE and your class is in demand, you yourself will receive tremendous satisfaction from your pastime.

Aspects of a good game:

You know how to mine game gold – You should always be provided with local currency. It is needed to buy weapons and armor, jewelry and potions, services of other players. This could be farming monsters, completing quests, or knowing the various mechanics involved in server economy. If you are a beginner and have difficulty understanding game aspects, then you can always turn to a service like Skycoach and buy game gold for a successful start. You will receive guarantees of anonymity and safety of personal data, as well as the opportunity to return the money in case of disputes.

You know how to upgrade your hero – it is extremely important in online games not only to be able to level up your character, but also to do it quickly and efficiently. You should always have time to research the current update and reach the limits of development for a quick transition to a new expansion when it appears. For example, when the Dragonflight update was released in the World of Warcraft, everyone who was at the maximum level 60 immediately sailed to new islands, and did not download like other players.

You understand the game meta – meta, this is your general understanding of the main aspects of the game. You know how to read patch notes and understand where the game is going and how the next update will change the gameplay on your character. This helps to sell equipment in a timely manner at a more up-to-date price, to know when and where it is better to farm, and where you can earn more gold.

If you don’t have these skills due to inexperience, or because of a superficial approach, don’t rush to get upset – you can always read the guides, or turn to a professional trainer for a service.

Who is a coach in online games

A coach in online games is somewhat similar to a coach in a gym. When you do not know how your muscles work and do not know the secrets of proper nutrition, but want to have a beautiful body and the right weight – you turn to a specialist, everything works in an online game in a similar way.

A coach is a professional player, or good analyst who not only understands the main aspects of the game, but also can systematically, calmly and intelligibly explain all the nuances to others and teach players the game and grow good gamers out of them.

How to order a trainer from the Skycoach service

You need to go to the official Skycoach website, specify the game, for example, World of Warcraft, select a server and coaching service. Pay for the order or order feedback from the manager.

After that, you will receive a message from the service employee, which usually arrives within a few minutes during business hours.

The manager will agree on the start time for the execution of the order and help you make the payment if you have not already done so.

Learning the game takes place systematically, at a set time and with the help of voice communication. Of course, you can also communicate through the game chat, but then the chance of misinterpretation and poor instant feedback between the student and the teacher increases.

You can study as much as you like – usually the student himself understands that he has received sufficient training to play well on his own and without a mentor, or the coach himself can determine the degree of readiness of the player and let him go for free swimming – everything is individual.

How is the training procedure from a Skycoach coach

First of all, it is important for the coach to determine your current level – the degree of understanding of the project, control of the selected hero and, in general, interest in the class being played.

Often, the coach even advises the player to change the main class – if he sees that the character of a person fits a different role, or the gamer wants to play an attacking mage, but is embarrassed to be useless due to a poor level of knowledge.

When a class is selected, the learning procedure begins.

The trainer will tell you the basics of pumping and controlling the character – all the damage that you will receive or avoid depends on how you know how to control the hero in the smallest detail.

The second point is the battles with monsters and PVP. Here, not only positioning will play an important role, but also an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses and the main attacking and defensive skills.

The trainer helps to form builds that will help in farming and PVP and you will just know why these skills are used and in what order, and then you will learn to form your ideas and implement them.

Of course, you will not be able to win in all PVP, but you will definitely succeed in increasing your indicator to the majority.

The coach explains and tells you about equipment – what kits suit you and why, where to get them and whether you need to craft.

Not all players are interested in crafting, and not every hero needs and suits it – everything is individual here, and if you are a strong and purposeful character, then you can get a lot of equipment in raids, buy from other players for gold, or get coins for PVP, if they are provided.

The last stage will be the game meta – the coach’s task is to teach you how to read and understand it. Preparing to upgrade in advance is an important step in its success.

For example, in World of Warcraft Shadowlands, players prepared in advance, got level 60, and from the first minutes sailed to the Dragon Islands to conquer their lands and saddled their first dragons with the possibility of free flight around the world of Azeroth.

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