What Is A Private Proxy?

If you need to buy a private proxy server, it may be convenient to know it in detail. Although you know in theory that it is a private proxy and how it protects your IP address, you may still have doubts. It is time for you to learn why private proxies are so important for a personal or business pc.

You will also be able to recognize the difference between a private proxy and a virtual private network. Private proxies serve very important functions that you as an entrepreneur or person looking to surf the internet safely should be aware of.

Proxies are defined as exclusive programs that you can buy for a very high cost compared to VPNs. These private servers often provide a shared port so that you and your employees can connect to the internet after turning it on. On the other hand, this shared option can also be global, affordable when paying for the server, but dangerous for your internet connection.

What is an anonymous or private proxy server?

A proxy server is nothing more than a computer network that connects a client and the server online. These proxies are the ones that receive the request from person and from there transfer them to the correct server. In short, proxies are responsible for hiding your IP address on the server you want to access for security reasons.

However, a traditional proxy is not secure enough to hide your IP address from the websites you visit. Therefore you have to buy private proxy server which optimizes the function helping you protect the data. You should avoid using free proxies because they don’t have a unique feature that you can take advantage of.

Private proxies are also useful for you to access a list of blocked services in your country. If, for example, you want to enter Netflix, but due to legal issues, you cannot do it with your IP, the proxy will give you that access. These servers fulfill a similar function to VPNs, except that their stability in private connection is better.

Why are private proxies so important?

If you want to use private proxies for your home or the company you manage, you should know how important these servers are. For personal use, you will have hidden navigation, fast downloads, and access to many websites that have been blocked in your country.

If you want to use private proxies in your company, you can enjoy a stable connection preventing hacks. These proxies can also be used for advertising campaigns where a company seeks to verify that marketing works in the indicated region. On the other hand, companies with private proxies also benefit from an unlimited connection throughout the internet.

Types of private proxy servers

Now that you understand what proxies are and why they are so important, you should look at the types of servers available. You will not have access to a single private proxy but to options such as:

  • Web proxy

This server is responsible for serving as an intermediary on a web page. They correspond to the most used private proxies. The web proxy will use the https and http connection protocols to browse the internet.

  • Reverse proxy

It has the objective of recovering the resources of several servers or in a defect of a client. This proxy is often used to give you access to the website, keep a cache, and even serve as a firewall.

  • Cache proxy

It is a very popular private proxy where you can enjoy the storage of html and CSS content. This server gives you a faster connection because the images uploaded to a specific website will not be uploaded again.

  • NAT proxy

The function of the NAT proxy is to hide the user’s IP address to access different websites without problems. This NAT proxy is the one that allows access to Netflix, Amazon, or other streaming servers that are blocked in your country.

  • Transparent proxy

These servers are the ones that serve as a bridge in the request of a user sending them to the website they want to visit. They are efficient proxies that send information to the user in a matter of seconds.

You can buy the proxies individually or a server that has the different extensions available. The best thing you can do is pay for a full proxy so that you can enjoy all its features online.

Advantages and disadvantages of private proxy servers

Before you pay for a private proxy, you can find out the advantages or disadvantages that are granted to you. Regardless of where you use the private proxy server, you will have the following benefits:

  • You will have an anonymous connection with which you can access a web page without risking data theft or hacking. The private proxy gives you a fake IP address so that you can connect without problems.
  • Private proxies give you access to blocked web pages in your country, be it streaming or news. You only have to configure the proxy with the server of the correct country so that you have access to these websites.
  • With the predictive cache options, you will have a very fast internet connection.
  • You will be able to block all these harmful web pages because of their content or of which you have suspicions of viruses.

Although the proxy servers look perfect, the reality is that they can give you some disadvantages in your internet connection, such as:

  • Although the loading of web pages is fast due to the predictive cache option; your internet connection may be slower. This happens because the proxy is the intermediary for all these types of websites you want to access. Until the proxy approves the connection, you will not be able to enter the website.
  • You may have problems configuring the proxy due to its complex management system.
  • The cost of private proxy servers is high, and not all of them fulfill the functions they originally promised.

Free or paid proxies?

A very difficult decision that you have to make in using proxies is whether to have a free server or a paid one. Free proxies can be a great option because of the features you set up in exchange for a few ads a day. However, you could be installing an extension on your pc that slows it down and exposes your IP address.

When you are encouraged to buy private proxy server, you can be delighted by its operation. However, you have to choose a quality proxy and not the first offer you find online.

You should not think about the cost of private proxies but rather about your anonymous connection and the efficiency of the server. Some of these pay-as-you-go proxies may offer annual discounts so you can have the server for a long time.

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