What is airG Minime? How it’s helping during the COVID-19 period

COVID-19 has undoubtedly had a massive impact on the world. It has changed norms, customs, habits, and ways of life.

Never before had so many people been restricted in their homes, for such an extended period. Statista reports that at least two-thirds of the world has been in some form of lockdown.

Apart from the disastrous effect that the virus had on industries and businesses around the world, children have also been impacted as schools remain closed and outdoor activities halted. As per UNESCO, education of over 1.6 billion children has been affected.

At such a time, it can get quite challenging for parents to ensure that their children stay productive yet protected. With the closure of schools, parents are looking for avenues to keep kids involved in studies.

In this time, one interest of children that can be leveraged is their love of games. After all, as per CNET, approximately 91 percent of children can be classified as gamers.

Therefore, by exposing them to educational video games, parents can ensure that children learn while having fun.

A great resource at such times has been online game-based learning platforms. Gamed based learning platforms are designed in a way that they benefit children.

While some help in improving their reading skills, others teach kids the art of communication. One such gaming platform is airG Minime.

What is airG MiniMe?

AirG MiniMe is a popular kid-friendly online platform that offers two types of content to its users, educational games and videos. These games and the videos on the website help in the cognitive development of young children.

While some games help improve their command of English, and other languages, others aid in honing their problem-solving skills.

Apart from this, you can find various educational videos on the platform. These videos are in an animated format and have multiple characters and feature a proper storyline. Since kids love cartoons, these videos help in retaining the interest of children.

How to subscribe to airG MiniMe?

Individuals can subscribe to the airG MiniMe 500c and access all the videos and games on the platform. However, a subscription fee will be charged upon signing in.

Here are the steps to take to subscribe to MiniMe:

  • Go to the website
  • Opt for a subscription option present on the menu
  • Register with your information and payment details to become a subscriber

The subscription method is relatively smooth, and the subscription fee reasonable compared to the services offered. Parents can subscribe to the platform to let their kids access all the fun games and videos.

Features offered by airG MiniMe

Some of the features that make airG MiniMe stand out are:

  1. Kid-Friendly Interface

Both the content available on the platform as well as the interface is kid-friendly. For starters, there are no in-app purchases to lure children into spending money that they don’t need to. All the games and videos are completely ad-free.

  1. Games, on the go

All the games on airG MiniMe are available on the go. These games can be played on mobile phones or tablets. It means that the kids don’t have to sit in front of a PC all day long to play games.

The unlimited access to videos is also provided with one catch – you must always be connected to the internet. Your child can access MiniMe using a variety of platforms, including iPads, Chrome Cast, Android phones, and AirPlay.

  1. Educational Genre

All the games that are available on this platform help in educating children. The good thing is that some games are free to access so that you can get an idea of the type of games offered by the platform.

Some quality games include World of Words, Count Faster, Arty Mouse- Learn ABC, and Connect the Dots. The videos included are available in different languages to make it easier for kids across countries to understand them.

How AirG MiniMe helps during COVID-19?

Here is how AirG MiniMe has helped parents around the world during these challenging times:

  1. Keeping children entertained

It is quite hard to keep your kids happy and entertained when they are stuck at home. After all, they are restricted from meeting their friends or going out. At such times, platforms like airG MiniMe make sure that your child doesn’t get bored.

Since the platform offers different types of content, whether it be videos or games, belonging to the education genre, it further helps in keeping children engaged.

  1. The educational benefits

Rather than playing games that provide no cognitive or social developmental advantages to children, educational platforms help in teaching new concepts to your child, while keeping them entertained.

MiniMe is mainly targeted towards young children, although it is age-appropriate for kids of all ages. The games offered on this platform will best help young kids in developing their language and mathematical skills.

  1. Productive screen time

It is close to impossible to curtail screen time during the COVID era. Instead, screens are the only way left to keep your child connected to the outside world.

Any educational platform, be it MiniMe or other similar options, all ensure that the screen time of your child is resulting in something productive – like learning new things.

Ending Remarks

Never before have parents or children found themselves in the type of situation currently prevalent in the world. Therefore, it is understandable that many are having a hard time because of it.

However, don’t let the virus get the best of you. Instead, try to adapt to the new norm. It might mean accepting screens as your child’s buddy. MiniMe is just one of the many solutions that you can use.

There are several advantages to using game-based learning platforms. They make education fun for kids, and kids don’t even get bored of these games. The different features and experiences offered by these platforms are indeed a blessing in disguise for your little ones.

Try out airG MiniMe yourself and let us all know how much your kids love it!

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