What is dental marketing?

The dental industry continues to grow every year. Statistically, it is predicted that by 2026, cosmetic dentistry will reach an approximate value of 32 billion USD. Other statistical information as the following is important to note too.

The current value of the dentistry market is approximately 154.6 billion USD and is expected to reach an approximate value of 698.8 billion USD by the year 2030.

A recent survey stated that the marketing of dental services influences the consumers’ decisions. Additionally, many consumers associate the level of social media presence with the level of care provided by the dentist.

Marketing firms such as Roadside Dental Marketing are helping dentists to reach potential customers organically. These are a few examples to point to the growing importance of marketing in the dental care industry.


The establishment of the dentist’s online presence to help them attain the goal of gaining more patients is known as dental marketing.

Dental marketing deals aim at promoting the services of their clients of the dental industry in the most effective way to help them gain attention from prospective customers.

These service providers use social media to boost the market presence of their clients. Popular forums such as email marketing, Facebook marketing, Google Ads, Instagram marketing, and Remarketing are all the various means through which awareness of the client’s clinic and services are promoted. There are numerous strategies to establish a successful social media presence. However, most of the time, customization of the strategy as per the client’s requirements brings the best results.



  • There are 3.81 billion active internet users on average, out of which 2.89 billion are active social media users. This number is further segmented into sub-categories of various social media platforms. Every social media platform caters to the needs of a particular age group. Knowing the active users on every platform would make it easier to bring more clients for the dentist.
  • Currently, popular social media sites like Instagram have about 600 million active users, out of which 68% of the online population is female. The popular age demographic of the site is below the age of 35.
  • Sites like Facebook are a popular choice among men between 18 and 34.
  • Other professional network-building platforms have over 500 million active users around the globe. The platform is a popular choice among men and women in the age group of 30 to 64.
  • Popular video-streaming platforms like YouTube used to market products and services across the globe in over 76 languages. YouTube is a popular marketing decision among marketers such as Roadside Dental Marketing due to the availability of online users of all age groups.
  • Thus, the marketer can choose the platform based on the dentist’s target audience.


  • Every age group has a widespread acceptance of a particular type of content. By analyzing and understanding the popular trends, the marketer can fix a specific type of content and guide the dentist to create relevant content accordingly.
  • People of all ages avail the services of a dentist. Keeping this in mind, the dental marketing strategy needs to be appealing to children and adults. To make the content more interesting for the audience and easily understood, the services of creative content creators can also be availed. By using illustrations, comic strips, or short informative videos, the target audience can be reached more effectively. Marketing professionals like Roadside Dental Marketing services can help you find all the required creative talent pool in one place and make your marketing campaign easier.
  • It is crucial to spread awareness about various dental problems that people are unaware of as a dental marketing service. A professional marketing service specializing in dental marketing would be able to create content on various dental health concerns that spread awareness and draw clients to the clinic.


  • Engaging on the social media platform(s) is important. Engagement offers dual purposes.
  • Social media engagement creates a dynamic relationship between the dentist and the audience. This will create a positive relationship, which results in people building better trust in the dentist.
  • Further, per various social media algorithm metrics such as Instagram, the post’s reach is decided based on the number of organic likes, shares, saves, and comments.


Regularly reviewing the content reach by comparing it with the intended reach will give an idea of the overall reach. This will enable the marketer to make adequate changes to the strategies.


The final and the most crucial step is to ensure that the ads are compliant with the legal guidelines. Being on par with the guidelines is vital to prevent the ads from being struck down by the social media platform.


Marketing in the dental industry is tricky as it involves the general public’s health. Thus, it is essential to choose a digital marketing expert in the dental field who knows that marketing is about bringing in new customers to the business by complying with the legal guidelines.

It is always important to remember that the quantity of success varies from one strategy to another. Thus, it is recommended to review the strategies often and change as per needs.

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