What is Ghost Mannequin Photography?

The ghost mannequin photography service is a photography technique where a piece of clothing is demonstrated using the special merely invisible mannequin which is, later on, should be erased from the final picture. This is especially useful when it comes to making the product photography of clothes such as blazers, jeans, jackets, shirts, and dresses. This helps customers more easily understand how it will look when being put on a human body. Many well-known brands and retailers prefer this technique to showcase their clothing products.

It is almost impossible to make your clothing look on the picture without a large number of post-processing methods the way it looks in real life when people wear it. But using a special ghost mannequin, you can implement this technique. The technique of the ghost mannequin is nowadays actively used to create bright and picturesque pictures of products that should be sold out via the Internet.

To create this kind of photography oriented to sell the products one should have certain equipment needed to take pictures with the clothing put on the invisible mannequin. First of all, you will need equipment to take these pictures. Here are some required elements:

  • Ghost mannequin – to put your clothing products on;
  • Camera. Any camera will work. But it is recommended to use exactly a reflex camera. This is the standard industrial camera;
  • Studio lighting will be very important to create a continuous source of light with cold LED lights that would help to eliminate unwanted shadows;
  • Your products: shirts, jackets, coats, blazers, and dresses;
  • Styling Tools: Clips, pins, tape, tissue paper for a snug fit to fabrics;

Choosing the right mannequin for your clothes you need to select the one that would be the most is suitable for the product. This is very important because ghost mannequins can be of different sizes and styles. If the size is wrong, the photo will be wrong. It is better to have different sizes of mannequins for experiments, especially when your photo studio regularly gave to deal with different kinds of clothing that are supposed to be photographed. When you are done with the right mannequin, line up your clothes in a logical order. The right order will allow to better arrange the whole shooting process.

Determine which part of the clothing needs the ghost mannequin. First, select which items you need to remove from the mannequin modules. As with the blazer, for example, you will have to remove the “V” piece for the lining. Carefully remove the chest module.

Now you need to gently dress the mannequin with your product. Be very cautious smart – use pins and clips to match clothes on a mannequin. Make sure that they do not appear in photos. make sure that the dress lays perfectly so that it looks attractive. You can use different styles in accordance with the current trend.

Adjust lighting and exposure to highlight key features. Improve your zoom and focus on the product. You need to be very creative and think about how your customers will view the photo. Pre thinking and predicting customers’ feedback and reaction to your visual content is the guarantee of success.

In conclusion, each e-commerce website oriented on selling clothing goods promotes its wearable product using ghost mannequin photography techniques. This gives customers the perfect idea with a different look. That is why clients can get an idea that is beneficial for them once they can have a look at a single product photo made with the implementation of this unique photography technique.

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