What is The Best 3D Software for Furniture Design?

In the process of choosing a new setting for an apartment or a private house, consumers want to see comfortable, original and aesthetic furniture. It is not so easy to satisfy needs and requests, therefore consumers / sellers have to constantly work, expand the assortment, and improve the model range.

The development of new collections, design lines and individual items is helped by specially designed programs. There are a number of programs for furniture makers, thanks to which you can significantly reduce and facilitate the process of creating furniture.

Gone are the days when people had a very limited number of options to decorate their environment. Even if they manage to find a good variety somewhere, they still won’t have the freedom to tweak it to suit their taste. However, we now live in a world of customization where we can easily turn everything into what we like without any worries. When it comes to furniture, we know very well that good furniture is essential to decorate any infrastructure. Few people these days accept finished furniture as it is. Most of us usually cook it to order, at least slightly tweaking it to suit our requirements.

Now you must think that it sounds very vague if we explain our requirements to someone verbally, because they might misinterpret what we are actually trying to convey, so there must be some kind of diagram or picture with which we can illustrate our requirements clearly. However, not all of us are great artists, so there must be some tool that can design your requirements for you to pass on to someone else.

Architectural 3D visualization

Architectural visualization is a graphic display of an object or a town-planning situation in architecture, created using computer technology. It has a high degree of informational content and allows the most complete presentation of the future structure. Architectural visualization has become a special direction in the work of architects and 3d furniture modeling company – 3Nitro.

Creation of real estate objects

Creation of a three-dimensional model of an industrial building, shopping center or cinema allows:

  • evaluate the quality and convenience of the layout;
  • determine the position of the property on the ground;
  • predict the level of solar illumination;
  • choose layout options when designing;
  • make a preliminary estimate of the volume of construction;


Another effective tool used to design furniture. This is a comprehensive solution, thanks to which it is possible to design both single pieces of furniture and serial batches of any level of complexity.

With the help of KZ-Furniture, you can perform the following tasks:

  • To develop sets of drawings for the manufacture of furniture of any complexity, including non-standard models.
  • Draw up a suitable cutting plan, calculate how many fasteners are required for this.
  • Measure the dimensions of future products, make adjustments taking into account the wishes of the customer.
  • Visualize projects.
  • Calculate materials, determine their price.
  • Convert data into a format suitable for a CNC system.
  • There is an opportunity not only to choose, but also to combine modules, based on the needs of production.

Creation of interior solutions

Allows you to form a complete picture of the placement of objects and equipment inside the premises. With the help of a three-dimensional model, it is fashionable to demonstrate all the elements of the presented exposition – the arrangement of furniture, the location of heating and water supply systems, and electrical wiring. This allows you to minimize costs and avoid possible mistakes in the construction and finishing process. 3D modeling helps to create sets of furniture and stairs of various configurations, and get more info to assess the level of interior illumination.

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