What Is the Best Start for a College Essay?

Have you ever found yourself staring at the screen of your computer for hours wondering how to start an essay? You are not alone, many people experience the same thing on a regular basis. Coming up with a good introduction is essential when writing a college essay. How you start your essay will set the tone for the rest of the essay. This article will help you know how to come up with a great start and how to structure it. Take your time and read through the article.

What Is the College Essay Introduction For?

Introductions have a lot of importance in any essay. Introductions help you to introduce your target audience to the topic you are writing about. They carry a lot of weight because they will set the tone for the rest of the essay. You need to capture the interest of the reader with your introduction. Thus, you should be careful with the words you use.

Your first paragraph should grab the readers

It goes without saying that your first paragraph should capture the attention of the readers. It should make them want to read more. When students write an essay with a help of CustomEssayOrder, their first paragraph will grab every reader’s attention. There are different techniques you can use to grab the attention of the reader. Some of the techniques are:

  • Start with an interesting quote.
  • Ask an interesting question.
  • Write a bold statement.
  • Dare the reader by speaking straight to them.
  • Inform your audience what you do not want to write in your essay.

Make your essay correct

Ensure that you use the correct font in your essay. Let the font be easy to read. You can consider using bold type font and see whether it makes your essay easy to read. Do not overcrowd the introduction with a lot of words. Balance the information throughout the page. For the paragraphs, be consistent in how you separate them. You can choose to use block style, where you keep all the words to the left margin but remember to put extra space on the margin. You can also indent each paragraph as a way of separating them. Check for any mistakes by proofreading and rectify all the spelling and grammatical errors you will come across.

Approach the essay from a different angle

If you want your essay to stand out from the rest, then you need to approach it from a different angle. How do you answer an essay prompt? Do you answer it the normal way? If your answer to this question is yes, then you need to try to go against the norm. Try to take a negative approach in answering the prompt. Another approach you can take is to create a little mystery by ignoring to answer the prompt immediately. You can give the answer to the prompt in the last sentence. Writing an essay that stands out is not easy, but help is always near. Write My Essay for me service can make an essay special for you on any topic.

Be clear and logical

As much as you want to stand out, be careful not to mess up your essay. Your sentences and paragraphs should flow and be easy to read. Whatever you write must make sense to the reader. Take time to reread your essay and see if it is making sense. Check on the transition of different sections of your essay. Is it flowing well? Try to make it possible for different audiences to understand the message you are trying to convey in your paper. Give it to your tutor, your parents, friends, and even younger readers. Ask them to read it and give you feedback on what they think about your article. Fix any areas that they will point out to you.

Typical College Essay Structure

An essay starter may have a good story to tell but they end up not structuring their essay well. If you do not use the correct structure, the college admission personnel may fail to understand your essay. Remember the essay is about you. Try to use the typical college essay structure when writing. This structure has an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.

Use active language

Do not use the passive voice in your essay. Passive voice will make your essay sound as if you are talking about a third party and not yourself. They will find it hard to identify with you. Using an active voice makes it easy for the admission personnel to read your essay. Some students have issues with using active voice. In this situation, they often ask for help from the best essay help writing service.

Leave your reader with a lasting impression

Most of us remember best the last things that we come into contact with. This means that you should close your essay with something that is captivating and memorable about you. Ensure that whatever you write leaves an impression on the reader.

College essays have a huge impact on your life. You should put a lot of effort into coming up with a winning paper. Use the tips in this article to while writing your essay, let them guide. If you are still finding it hard to write your paper, then get help from writing services. They will help you in writing an amazing paper.


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