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When a product or service launches for the first time, User groups don’t have any idea about the product or how to use it. That’s where the user manuals or user guides come into play. A user manual is the first thing that lets the user know how to operate it.

Although a user manual and a guide are both serve almost the same goal, the user manual happens to be more elaborated and more definitive. As the manual plays, a big role in the product, the importance of a manual is higher than it may seem.

What is a manual?

A manual can be defined as a reference document or a written book for a specific product, where you can find all the detailed information about the product, how it works, how you can get started with the product and what are the things you must know about it. You can find the safety precautions, assistance to use the product for the best use of it.

A manual also can come with things other than the product as well, such as an organization may have a manual for its members, how they can play their role in the organization. Or maybe for the employees on how they are going to perform, how they should behave in the company and so on.

Importance of a manual

Saving a huge amount of time for the manufacturer

A good manual can save a huge amount of time for the company’s sales team and engineers. The manual works like an assistant for the user of the product. If user guides aren’t included with the product, the engineering team of the product and the salesman will have to waste a lot of time to make the customers understand the using of the product. Yet, the customers would take more and more time from the company whenever they are to fix a little problem regarding their product.

Company’s image goes higher

When a company manufactures a product and includes a user manual to get assistance for the user or customer, the customer satisfaction stays optimal and it goes higher with the betterment of the service quality through the user manual. This is how a company can make a very good impression on the customer base and potential customer’s number increase with that.

Limits misuse of the product

If a product has the potential to cause any harm or even death, such as huge machinery products, cutting machines, the product manual helps the customers to understand how to use the product without causing any harm to themselves and they will be able to assemble, start, operate the product without making any major mistakes. If a product causes serious injuries or something else, the company has the scope to say they provided the user manual, the customer should have read that carefully. So, the company is saved from legal problems.

Sales literature

Product brochures cannot provide enough information about a product and how to use it, as the engineer provides detailed information. Now, when the consumers or customers who are looking for specific information on the product or getting a bigger system that comes with a lot of operating difficulties and safety measurements, the manufacturer must provide a detailed written manual for the product. With that manual, the customer can have all the positive and negative aspects of the product that he/she should be aware of.

Detailing the FAQs

While getting a product into the market, it’s pretty hard to get used to the product right after the launch. That’s why the users get a lot of questions throughout the time they are using the product. The manufacturer doesn’t have the ability to take every question the customers may have over time. So what they do is, they can include all the answers to the commonly asked questions by the customers and users of the product. This section in user guides helps the user to deal with their problems regarding the product they are using.

Technical expertise

When a customer starts using a product that doesn’t come with a user manual, they lack the technical expertise for the better use of their device. To cover up the limitation of reaching the technical team of a device, the engineering team makes it easier for the customer to get better in using the product by providing a user manual.

Final thought

Whenever a company is launching a product, whether it is a physical or digital product, they must include the user guides for the customers, so they can use the product in the way the engineers wanted it to be used. Only then, a product can give the customer the best service they want and the manufacturer also will be able to keep up with the customer service. While making the user manual, safety precautions are also included, so the user is safe and sound while operating a dangerous product.

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