What Technologies are Needed to Run an Online Casino?

Online casinos have exploded in popularity over the last five years and now there’s a new gaming website nearly every week. From the UK and Europe to the US and Canada, there’s an abundance of iGaming platforms in the world.

When you think about it, these companies wouldn’t exist without technology. And interestingly, there’s more than one innovation that runs a full-fledged gambling site. Here’s an overview of the tech behind your favourite online casino.

Technology Behind Online Casino Sites

  • Gaming Software

Contrary to popular belief, most online casinos don’t create the games they provide. Instead, they lease gaming software from independent developers. The most well-known online casino software providers are Microgaming, NetEnt, Play’n GO, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming and Big Time Gaming.

In the early days of online gaming, most online casinos had exclusive partnerships with one developer. For example, an operator could lease games from Microgaming or Playtech only. With time, however, leasing software became a non-exclusive thing.

And gladly, the average online casino today leases games from five to fifty software providers. As a result, players have a broad range of slots and table games from a diverse list of developers to select.

  • Mobile-friendly Website and Native Apps

Since 2016, mobile devices have been the gadgets of choice for over 50% of Internet users. That’s why every online casino these days comes with a mobile-responsive website. They know you use your iPhone or Android devices more than your desktop computer for browsing.

And they also know that an increasing number of people don’t want to install apps on their smartphones. As such, the buzz around iOS and Android apps—that dominated the early 2010s—is dying down.

Against that backdrop, not every casino site features native mobile apps. But they all have websites you can access through mobile browsers. Of course, these sites support instant-play gaming. So, you don’t need to download gaming software to play.

  • Security Tools

Online casinos don’t have a choice: they must be secure. Otherwise, their licenses could get cancelled or they could lose their customers. So, what security tools do gaming companies use to protect their customers?

First, they use SSL encryption to encrypt your data every time you log in to your account. Then they provide authentication details to protect your account from unauthorized logins. Additionally, they have payment security tools that protect your financial data.

And despite that, online casinos sometimes invite independent auditors like eCOGRA, iTechLabs and Thwarte to verify that they are secure. Again, they must renew their licenses regularly and update their security tools.

  • Multi-Language Software

The best online casinos—like the Canadian ones listed here—are designed to provide a personalized experience for everyone. That includes reading content using your native language, viewing relatable images, using your local currency and payment methods.

Language personalization comes in two ways. Some casinos have software that detects where you live and translates the website to local languages. If in France, you’ll access content in French. If in Germany, the language switches to Deutsch.

Alternatively, they let you select your ideal language. You can select from a list of over a dozen languages: English, Spanish, French, Germany, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Chinese, Russian and Korean.

As mentioned, location goes beyond language settings. And it includes the images and videos you see, the payments you use and supported currencies. Fortunately, these are features you can easily find at many modern gaming sites, especially the best-rated operators.

  • Web Hosting

Web hosting is what’s makes it possible for websites to exist online. The thing is, gaming software, videos, images and articles published on casino sites don’t exist in a vacuum. They are stored in computers called servers.

You can host your website on your own servers. But for most people, it’s cheaper to buy that service from professional web hosting companies. Small blogs and websites pay as little as $10 for web hosting annually.

But shopping websites, streaming networks and gaming platforms like casinos rely on extremely powerful servers. All the same, players don’t care about how much it costs a casino to hos their website.

They care about accessing a casino site 24/7. And that means casinos must work with extremely reliable hosting providers. They also need effective programming and web design software. Cause people don’t just want a functioning website. They want a beautiful, fast and responsive site.

  • Marketing Software

Online casinos are businesses. And like every business, they need marketing tools to find prospects and turn them into clients. The average operator needs at least ten software programs and apps to run effective marketing campaigns.

First, they need mobile marketing tools. Predictably, they help casinos find customers through mobile devices. Then there is email software, a content management system, social media tools, accounting software, task management and file management apps.

Although all the tools mentioned above are essential, many casinos have a preference for email, social media and content management software. Logically, they need email software to capture email addresses and social media to create brand awareness or increase loyalty.

On the flip side, Content Management Software (CMS) helps casino sites publish and manage their blog and website content. It’s a vital tool now that the primary goal of every operator is to get people to visit their website.

  • Customer Service Software

In today’s insanely competitive casino market, good customer service is a vital metric. Surprisingly, not every operator likes by the mantra: the customer is always right. Some companies have essential customer service tools:

  • Chatbot system
  • Ticketed email support software
  • Phone contacts
  • Social media accounts

But they don’t really exploit these tools accordingly. That’s why not every online casino you see today will be around five years from now.


Technology is at the heart of every online casino, from gaming software and marketing tools to security and website building plugins. But it’s how operators use these essentials that guide their success or failure. Crucially, focusing your brand on the customer is a sure way to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

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