What to Keep in Mind While Considering your Online Equity Portfolio?

You may or may not be having an online trading account, but for sure you might be having an online portfolio tracker. Just you have to feed your equity portfolio and the algorithm goes on to provide you with updates on a real-time basis. This is what a stock market news thrives to achieve as well. Be it corporate actions or bonuses they also are updated as part of your portfolio. Now you need to figure out what is the benefit of an online equity portfolio? The main benefit is that all transactions are going to be updated on your portfolio without any degree of effort from your side. Now let us explore the ways by which you can track down your equity portfolio and gain maximum leverage from this facility.

Your updated investment value and updated net worth is provided

Let us divert our attention to investment value first. The moment equity along with mutual funds is updated the real daily price along with daily NAVs are updated automatically pointing to the fact that you can observe the value of equity portfolio at any given point of time. Some portfolios are expected to send out triggers if there is value drop or increase and this is informed by SMS or an email. You have an opportunity to tabulate all your portfolio holdings. Since they tend to be online, you can access them anywhere and at any time of the day sitting in your office or even your drawing-room. Even they are accessible by a mobile phone.

Not only it is about the investment value, but even the net worth. Now, what do you understand by net worth? It is an adjustment in terms of your assets along with liabilities. It is suggested that you equate your monthly EMIS into your portfolio so that you become aware of your net worth regularly. For business purposes sometimes you have to present the net worth chart to your chartered accountants.

It is possible to evaluate your asset allocation and take decisions accordingly

Asset allocation points to a mix of asset, debt and equity classes. There are some portfolios where granular exposure to specific stocks or even indirect exposure to mutual funds is figured out. This does go on to provide a realistic exposure to various stocks and their sectors. Even a host of analytics is thrown in so that you can play around with the data.

This outlines a clear-cut view of where your profits lie, and which are the areas where you have to be careful. Even an asset allocation chart shows which are the areas overexposed and what you need to do to bring things on to the table. By an asset allocation process, then asset allocation becomes automatic rather than system driven and there is not much of manual intervention.

At the same time, take stock of the critical shifts in terms of your portfolio over a given period. This is another important MIS that online trackers go on to provide. You can figure out how exposure to equity or debt has evolved over some time. Even alerts or thresholds can be set over time. You can figure out when the value of a certain asset increases and even depreciation in a certain class of assets is seen. The comfort level is the key and if you feel there is a need to balance your portfolio you can do so.

The portfolio trackers are flexible, and you can export them for further analysis

An online MIS report provides you with detailed reports that can be exported. This you can go on to print it any format of your choice that ceases to be non-editable. For your future review, you can also file reports periodically. When you have a financial plan in place, and you need to discuss with a financial advisor it is better to have an MIS report in place. The MIS can work out to be a good document source. They could provide careful inputs as far as your tax filing and quarterly payment of taxes is concerned.

You are in touch with the news and all the reports that matter

The moment you are holding equity or mutual funds you need to be aware of future views or news. Actions can be set for downgrades, upgrades, announcement of dividend, corporate actions etc. You can formulate all these conditions on to your portfolio so that an announcement by email is made once you witness any triggers. The main benefit is that you do not have to be worried about baseless information. The triggers can be formulated in such a manner so that only positive information filters and reach to you.

A clear-cut demarcation of your booked profits and even book profits emerges 

The profits along with losses are constantly monitored in your portfolio. You can further divide the portfolio into an investment portfolio or a trading portfolio. Even it is possible to set different profit standards when it comes to the classes of equity investments. Even a portfolio tracker sends out clear signals when you can opt for value discretion to close down the loans whereby you can trim down the debt. This works out to be a major benefit when you have all your financial matrix a single place.

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