What to look for when choosing a Java web development partner?

Today, Java web development is used everywhere, from data centres to gaming consoles, scientific supercomputers, cell phones, and enterprise applications. As a fast, secure and reliable programming language, Java still ranks at the top of preferred technologies when it comes to server-side and backend web development after being on the market for 26 years. Actually, it is exactly Java’s maturity that makes it so trusted and widespread.

Working in a bespoke software development company has taught me the value of professionalism, dedication and creativity. Entrepreneurs by heart, my developer colleagues at Dreamix are excellent Java programmers with solid business acumen. For companies looking for a Java web development partner, it’s the best of both worlds. Nowadays, Java is valued for the high business IT standards in distributed, multi-layered architectures. The Java applications and all business logic are located on a middle layer in the application server.

Without further ado, let’s see why to choose Java technologies for your next project and how to select a Java development vendor.

Java Technologies and Business Software

Java and business applications have a long and deep history as the relationship between the two dates back to the 1990s. Software development was still in its early days, and web development was just becoming popular. C and C++ were initially the languages of choice for developing larger enterprise applications, but they weren’t really suitable. However fast, C languages were not suitable for enterprise applications as they needed a stronger solution that could span their infrastructure.

Being platform-independent and scalable, Java quickly became the obvious choice for businesses and remains such to this day. And this is how the business benefits of using Java began. Today, established and future-oriented companies don’t think twice about relying on Java technologies for their software applications. This is due to the well-known fact that in a business context, one of the most important factors is that the chosen programming language and framework provide sufficient performance to support enterprise-class workloads and scalable infrastructure.

Find a Suitable Java Web Development Company

Below are some essential criteria to guide you while looking for the right Java development company for your next software project.

  • Look at Your Specific Software Requirements

The old saying that the Universe somehow conspires to help those who know where they’re headed is valid here too. First and foremost, your search for Java web development services should be guided by your business project specifications. Thus, create a list with all the functions and features you’d want to see in your future custom Java software. However, it is still possible that you’re not aware of all the prerequisites, and in this case, an experienced Java development company will be able to consult you about your options. Ideally, if you’ve pre-selected some vendors, shortlist the ones that have projects in their portfolio and their relevance to your specific business domain (e.g. healthcare, logistics, financial services or transportation).

  • The Necessary Java Certifications

It’s natural to want to hire Java developers with proven, trusted and credible technical skills. To certify these, many professional Java developers opt for professional Oracle certifications such as Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) or Oracle Certified Master (OCM). Besides, Java web developers also need solid knowledge of technologies like REST, HTML, SOAP, CSS, jQuery and Java dev frameworks and tools, e.g. Docker, Spring and Spring Boot, Azure, AWS, etc. If your future tech partner relies on certified developers, this ensures you excellent software development quality.

  • More than Java Developers: Agile

In the last couple of years, the tendency for Java development companies to adopt agile methodologies has been surging. Business clients are no longer just looking for “pure” tech talents but also require that Java developers expand their skills by filling new positions such as Scrum Masters, Product Owners, or DevOps engineers. In addition, the need for test engineers, quality managers and full-stack developers who have their skills in both the backend and the frontend is also increasing. All industries are influenced by market fluctuations and rapid changes that demand a higher degree of flexibility, adaptability and process optimisations s in order to meet customer requirements in the digital age. Agile philosophy covers precisely these needs, and this is why you should strive to find a Java web development partner following these methodologies.

  • Reviews and Testimonials

To better orient yourself in the abundance of Java web development providers, it is highly advisable to read online reviews and client testimonials from reputable B2B research portals like Clutch or TheManifest. After all, you want to find a capable Java development partner. The opinions and recommendations of other companies that have already worked with this vendor are reliable sources of information. Seek for clues whether the service company of choice meets deadlines, exhibits thought leadership in processes, project management skills and delivery quality.

  • Company Culture

When thinking about partnering with a Java web development company, this aspect might not be the first one that pops to mind but is a meaningful telltale sign for your overall code and project quality. Research their company culture and look closely if your potential partners are a suitable culture fit for you. For instance, if your company has a strict role hierarchy and your vendor has adopted an agile philosophy with a flat structure, communication between you too might be bumpy at times as you might have different communication styles. Plus, according to a McKinsey report, fostering friendly, innovative and engaging company culture, relying on mutual support and team spirit is directly correlated to employees’ work performance, professional motivation and project devotion. Thus, make sure you and your Java web development vendor share the same values and visions for the future and similar company cultures, as this will make your partnership more successful.

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