What To Look For When Selecting The Best Cloud Storage Service

As the world is moving to the digital age, there is more data than ever before. To make sure that they are appropriately backed, people used local storage devices in the past.

However, today, the data size is massive, and the previous processes aren’t cut out to handle the data efficiently.

For example, if you have saved data on separate devices, you need to copy the files from the source. It can become challenging to manage and put a lot of strain on your device as you keep switching into different drives.

Thankfully, today, we have a cloud facility with dedicated storage and backups saved in a remote location. Doing this also helps keep a lot of space on your device, increase accessibility through multiple devices, and prevent slowing down the system. Moreover, it also helps in efficient data retrieval and usage.

Cloud is the most effective means to store, share, and process our data.

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is the storage of digital data over the internet using a cloud computing platform.

A cloud platform service can access the best cloud storage service, a web service Application Programming Interface (API), or store applications that utilize the API, such as cloud desktop storage or a cloud storage gateway.

The data can be our images, videos, GIFs, or any other text files. We can access the data any time from any part of the world by using an internet connection.

Cloud Storage brings its advantages through Data security and has enormous advantages over traditional storage systems.

There are multiple reasons to use cloud storage services. Maybe your local hard drives are running low on disk space, in which case you can use the cloud as extra storage.

You can upload, retrieve, and access your files online easily through a cloud storage service. Another reason to use cloud storage is to keep important files secure behind a password and encryption.

In short, cloud storage is helpful not only when it comes to backup but also for security and the ability to easily share files with others or access them yourself from anywhere: your phone, tablet, or another computer.

Choosing the Best Cloud Storage Service

The following are some factors you must consider before opting for a cloud storage service provider.

However, to choose the best cloud storage service provider, the following qualities are the most essential:


The most important factor is the virtual disk space that you receive from your cloud storage provider. Having a large volume of cloud storage not only lowers your local storage usage but also makes your computer quicker. While you may not require a lot of space for personal use, it is always better to stay prepared.

The best cloud providers warn you when space is about to get filled up and offer easy means to increase the storage volume.


You may have many personal items on your cloud storage. However, hackers can access these files if you lack proper security. It is necessary to have tools that you can use to increase your safety.

You can only trust cloud providers with the right end to end encryption so that it becomes difficult for hackers to access your files. Some cloud providers even do a malware scan before downloading any files. Even if you do not have any privacy secrets on the cloud, it is still essential to keep your files secure.

Cloud Sharing

It is vital to have access to multiple files across various devices to work seamlessly over projects. In such cases, cloud sharing is essential.

There are two types of cloud sharing.

One mode of cloud sharing lets you access data across a specific number of devices. The other model has no limitations on the number of people but limits the total volume usage.

It is important to choose a cloud provider with a proper backup mechanism and syncs between multiple devices to exploit the cross-platform and device benefits. Hence, choose the cloud service provider who can fulfill all your needs.


Technical problems might occur at any time. But, it should not cause your data to vanish. You may sometimes also require the cloud data for some useful work on a stringent deadline.

For this reason, it is necessary to check the uptime of cloud systems before applying for one right away.

The uptime is a measure of how often you will be able to access your documents. You must also ensure that your cloud storage data has a failover mechanism to back up data when one or more server fails.

Easy to use

Using a user-friendly tool will be more helpful if you want to implement using cloud services in your organization. However, you also need to be aware that you have enough features for multiple tasks.

User-friendly applications can help your organization move quickly to a cloud-based organization. It will have a less clustered system with more files over the cloud network. However, make sure the applications that you use are compatible with your cloud storage software.


It is important to purchase a cloud service that provides its money’s worth in value.

Hence, check that the price is within your budget. It is necessary to look at both short term and long term expenses and purchase a service that meets your budget and other requirements.

List of Top Cloud Service Providers


Without any doubt, Dropbox is the best cloud storage service in the world. It provides 2 GB of free cloud storage to every user, and you can also get up to 16 GB of additional free storage by referring Dropbox to your friends.

Google Drive

The cloud storage service from Google offers you 15 GB of free storage among its various services like Gmail and Google Drive. You can store, share, and edit your files. Additionally, you can collaborate with others to work on your files.


Microsoft has recently re-branded its cloud storage service previously named SkyDrive to OneDrive. In its attempt to gain a foothold in the industry and drive hundreds of millions of its customers to OneDrive, Microsoft is providing a lot of free space.


As the data revolution has taken over, it is essential to get cloud storage. While opting for one, you need to make sure that it is secure and provides easy accessibility. You can also learn how to create an AI to automate many of your data-driven tasks.

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