What’s GroovePages?

Lead generation and making insane sales—these are some of the biggest wishes of any business. Having the best platform for lead generation is what your business needs. And that’s what GroovePages offers.  Easy to use, innovative, and result-oriented—these are some of the best things about GroovePages. Dibbed as the next frontier in the digital marketing arena, GroovePages looks set to change the way business is done. So, if you are looking to boost sales and generate leads for your company, think GroovePages. Here is a quick overview of GroovePages and how it can spur the growth of your business.


GroovePages is a powerful digital marketing tool. It’s uniquely designed to help you create compelling landing pages, attractive websites, and dynamic sales funnels. Some of the features offered by this platform include countdown timers, drag-and-drop page editors, progress bars, device-based customizations, as well as, free hosting.


Although GroovePages offers a free basic plan, you’ll need to switch to a Pro plan in order to access important features, such as cart abandoners and email leads. Their silver plan costs about 99 dollars per month while their gold plan goes for about 199 dollars per month. You can also purchase a lifetime deal for $1,397.

Do you want to devise effective sales funnels? Well, consider leveraging the potential of this powerful platform.

Founders of GroovePages

Groove Digital Inc, which houses GroovePages, was founded by Mike Filsaime. As a highly regarded marketing consultant, Mike Filsaime has managed to make GroovePages a reputable and highly recommended digital marketing platform. Still more, Mike is a great speaker, digital marketer, as well s software developer. Groove Digital Inc is headed by John Cornetta.

The Features of GroovePages

GroovePages comes with a lot of benefits. Still more, this creative digital marketing tool is equipped with a myriad of features, making it a seamless tool for those looking to optimize their sales potential. So, if you are looking for a funnel builder for your business, think GroovePages. Here are some of the best features that make GroovePages a top contender in the funnel-building arena.

Drag $ Drop Editor

GroovePages comes with an easy drag and drop-based editor that enables you to easily and quickly edit pages within your site or even sales funnel. Here, all you need to do is to choose what you want to add (i.e. the element). From here, you can drop the element at any position.

Free Hosting

With other digital marketing tools, you will need to folk an extra coin to host your site. However, that’s not the case with GroovePages. With its secure hosting features, you can count on GroovePages to host your site. The best part, your custom domains will be hosted on GroovePages for free.

GroovePages Popups

Lead generation heavily relies on popups. Having this feature on your site can generate a lot of leads as well as encourage sales. However, it must be done correctly so as not to annoy visitors. Luckily, GroovePages gives you this feature for free. Thus, use this feature for creating popups that can trigger whenever visitors click the button, visits a new page, or exists your pages. According to experts, consider leveraging exit-intent popups on sales funnels. This is because these popups are highly converting as well as less invasive.

Countdown Timers and Progress Bars

Countdown timers are all about creating real-time agency on the side of your website visitors. Still more, having progress bars helps action takers feel comfortable. In fact, they will be confident that they are progressing. That’s what GroovePages brings on board. These features are included in the GroovePages, allowing you to drag them wherever the need arises. These features can be used for editing presentations.

Upsells, Downsells, Order Bumps

Want to make customers spend more money on your products or services? Well, think about using Upsells as well as order bumps. These tools are used when people attempt to place orders on products on your eCommerce site.  On the other hand, you can use Downsells to get people to purchase less expensive products or services after they have turned down the primary product. GroovePages gives you a chance to use these features to boost the sales capacity of your company.

Device-Inspired Customization

Customization is an important aspect when it comes to creating a sales funnel. With customization. You can easily edit pages to appear the way you want on different devices. Here, you have complete control over how your sales funnel and site appear on any device. Thus, if you are looking to give your customers a better customer experience, think of device-based customization from GroovePages. Whether your customers are accessing your funnel or site from mobile, PC, Android, or tablet, they can be sure of getting a seamless experience.


Of course, GroovePages offers you a myriad of features. However, these features are placed on different planes. If you want to optimize your experience, you will need to pay that extra coin. Thus, pay more to enjoy more features. Sign up for premium plans and enjoy a myriad of GroovePages features. GroovePages come with different pans. So, visit their page and choose a plan that suits your explicit needs.

Key Takeaway

Don’t let your business remain at the bare minimum. Act now and take your business to the next level. Embrace digital marketing to reach more customers. Invest in tools that can optimize your leads and increase sales. Tools like GrooveFunnels are sure to deliver your eCommerce business to the promised land.

The Bottom-Line

You have worked hard to launch your business. Congratulations. At least, you want to be a boss on your own. You are going to be more independent and resourceful in society. However, starting a business is one thing. Making it prosper and thrive is another entirely new thing. Things like generating leads can be challenging. Luckily, you can count on GroovePages to help you generate leads as well as sales. The above review will give you an honest insight into Groove Pages and how it can spur the growth of your business.

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